Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Wars Z PV3

Just about two more weeks to go until the release of the Second Super Robot Wars Z! I’m so looking forward to it even if I don’t have a PSP yet. From the PV, the animation looks just as good as the first game on the PS2. I’m amazed that the PSP is even capable of handling voice-overs on top of such splendid animation o_o.

(Link if video is not working)

Noteworthy things:

– Hotblooded Ryouma

– Guren Nishiki

– Wing Boys- Wing, Shenlong, and Heavyarms!

– Zeta Gundam: BEAM CONFUSE?! I’m confused o_O

– Simon bouncing off the SCREEN

– Exia 7 Sword ownage… gawd that is awesome. Especially with Daybreak’s Bell in the background!

– Kyrios! Virtue! Trans-Am Exia!

– Zero’s “Tactic” commands… basically MAP power-ups? damn o_o. Oh and Gawain!

– Oppai bouncing fanservice!

Alternate video with the actual BGM of the characters (camrip so there is a lot of outside noise)

To note:


– Daybreak’s Bell

– Sora Iro Days

– Wings of a Boy that Killed Adolescence (I am hoping for Just Communication/Rhythm Emotion to still be in it)

– I didn’t hear COLORS for Code Geass. I hope it’s in the game as well. C’mon… JIBUN WOO!!!

Two more weeks to go… but I think I can wait. Still trying to attempt to finish the first game ^^;.


27 thoughts on “Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Wars Z PV3

  1. So far, the only SRW I’ve played is R and OG on my GBA emulator. For R, I had no idea what was going on and deleted that game when I was fighting at the Antarctica base. OG is pretty fun though.

  2. Can a little handheld contain this much AWESOME?!

    Zeta Gundam’s “Beam Confuse” maneuver is from the new ZGundam movie trilogy (curious, especially since the featured iteration of Zeta in Z2 is the original series). It involves a throwing spin of the beam saber then using that to scatter beam rifle shots all about as a feint. The Ps2 Gundam GGeneration World iteration of Zeta Gundam used it as a defensive measure (thereby rendering the Zeta immune to beam attacks), but it’s used here in Z2 as a flashy attack. Coolness ^_^

    I was hoping for this so much – an Exia Seven Sword attack that incorporates all seven blades. This is the section of the promo I’ve replayed the most ^_^

    Also of note are Mazinger’s attacks – many of these get fairly genetic animations in most SRW games, but here, they’re made all the more cooler with cut-ins galore! I’m betting though, that the Photon Beam will be the most powerful attack (before he gets the God Scrander, anyway), as per the anime.

    And how could anyone forget BOUNCY YOKO?! In her personal mech, no less? Previous trailers have show her with a different cut-in that suggests she’ll be playable without a mech! There are very few SRW units badass enough for that.

    I’ve played enough of SRWL to really love the Macross F animations – and I’m dying to see a Brera+Alto/Messiah+Lucifer combo attack!

    Dancougar’s animations seem like a combination of what we see in the anime and a mirror image of Dancougar Nova’s – case in point: The DankuuHou. Doesn’t make it any less wicked, though. Where Dancougar goes, awesome is not far behind.

    Also, this is the very first time we’ve seen the Shin Getter anime in an SRW with actual voices. This has been long overdue.

    A gameplay element known as “Commands” utilizes Lelouch’s strategic prowess and can boost allied units’ stats somewhat, depending on the command. “Evasiveness” increases Evasion and Targetting stats, while “All-Out Attack” greatly increases Attack Power while lowering Defense.

    The Nu Gundam’s sprite here has been completely redrawn – it looks way more buff, more badass than ever! And Amuro’s pilot portrait (not his cut-in) has a darker, edgier expression.

    Zambot-3 and Trider G7 appear to have a combo attack together! I wonder if there’ll be a triple-attack with Daitarn later on? Daitarn & Zambot had one in Z…

    And for the first time ever in SRW (with the exception of Shin SRW on the PS1) – full-size cut-ins for Gundams! Turn A’s looks especially nice!

    Every scene I see of Chirico and the Scopedog just looks that much better with all the cut-ins. Considering Votoms units don’t have very many weapons in the first place…

    Man, just so much to expect…the next war is on the horizon. Must start gearing up now!

    1. Lol, the other time where a person is badass enough to be a unit was like, Master Asia and Domon back in like…. Dai ni Ji like 15 years ago lolol….

    2. Yup, Yoko joins the likes of Vega (Denoh; MX) in fighting mechs!

      Thanks for the explanation on the Beam Confuse. The way Kamille shout out the attack name makes it all the more SR-esque xD

      I hope Lelouch’s “Tactics” are spammable to some degree so I can go aggro all I want on the map ^^;. SP aren’t cheap and handy in SRW Z like in @3.

  3. well this is most fitting for you as you are Z. xD

    kidding aside.. never thought that this is more epic.. more epic than Gundam Vs. Gundam Next plus (i dunno which game is better to compare with). makes me want a PSP myself

  4. Great trailer. I just recently got into the Super Robot Wars series and I’m wanting more.

    I’ve only played the two Super Robot Taisen OG games (which were in English and are the only ones to have been released in America), but I really want to play more. I don’t know very many mecha anime outside of Gundam so I can’t fully appreciate the series, but considering I played both OG games and loved them, I don’t think it would matter a whole lot to me… Especially since I got the first OG game expecting Gundam, but later found out that Original Generation meant just that… Original SRW characters… Despite not getting to see any Gundam action, I thoroughly loved both OG 1 and 2 and can hardly wait to play more.

    Z (or anyone who knows a bit about SRW), since you seem to know your fair share about the series and have played (I’m assuming) quite a few, is there a specific title in the series you think a beginner like me should play for any particular reason? Keep in mind I can only play imported games on my DS and my GBA (might be getting a PSP soon and apparently there’s already a title planned for the 3DS, but both are out of my price range for now).

    1. You have a DS? Good. Play SRW W. You won’t regret it what’s with great series like GaoGaiGar FINAL, Mazinkaiser, Shin Getter, Tekkaman Blade and Gundam SEED Astray being in the same series. Tons of Combo attacks and flashy animation. Hell, just playing for the Astray and SEED MSV units make the game all worth it because you won’t get such a variety of units in any other SRW… though the bad part is that their story only starts during the second half of the storyline. I’ve also tried K but never really got into it… and it feels like the animation is less superior compared to W.

      1. Awesome. Thanks for the recommendation. I have to admit I never really got into the Astray side series, but I’ve at least come to appreciate the design of the mechs themselves. I’ve always wanted to learn more seeing as how it IS Gundam, but I’ve never had the time.

        I’ve already looked into W (thanks to this suggestion) and I’m a bit sad to find that UC was left out (I’m a UC freak… -_-‘ … One of the reasons I love the Nu and Hi-Nu so much), but I also looked into other games. A and D for the GBA have piqued my interest a bit. Would you have anything to say about those?

        (Sorry, I don’t mean to be pestering you, but I have come to really like what I’ve seen of SRW so far and I want more. In my defense this is your fault for various reasons.)

  5. I guess its time for me to play it in my friend’s PSP hehehhe

    i dont see mazinkaiser in this trailer, maybe they’re saving it for the sequel? gaaah i wanna hear mazin kenzan

      1. Yep, it’s the latest series, Shin Mazinger. Instead of a Mazinkaiser, we have the new Energer Z unit, and a God Scrander upgrade for Mazinger himself, which lets him TRANSFORM.



  6. This is why Atlus’s death hit hard. No more SRW imports. However, I’ve been having fun with Endless Frontier EXCEED (despite the language handicap), so a hacked PSP with this game would never bother me.

    1. Well, they were only able to import OG… I doubt they would be able to import any of the multi-series SRW due to the licensing hell. I’ve been playing SRW in Japanese all my life, and the one time I tried OG in English I got all confused @.@

  7. Wait, wait… You don’t have a PSP?

    …I thought before you said you did, but… You don’t?

    …And I went through that Gunpla photography contest to try getting you Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS for…for nothing?!

    (I know you’re gonna reference here that I thought it was a hopeless chance that I win, but don’t ruin my dramatic moment just yet! :P )

    I don’t know what I’m more shocked by: this, or encountering an out-and-out avid Sochie Heim-naysayer… Oh, poor Sochie…

    *shrug* Oh, well.

    1. Not only do I not have a PSP, I’ve never even picked one up and play it before. I think I’ve only seen a PSP like… less than five times in my life and that’s not even actual gameplay. I thought I mentioned that once? xD

      1. I won’t bother web-searching to confirm/deny, but I actually thought you mentioned having one. Given GG’s contest prize, I was a bit more motivated to enter, so if I had won, then maybe unwanted Gundam gaming (that everyone else likes and wants) would come at you boomerang-style, much like certain looked-over MGs that I tend to want to have.
        Well, by now, it seems to me you’re more an RPG/strategy kind-of person and might not get GvGNP (or getting a special disc to negate region-locks to try one or two more action-based Gundam games made for the Wii and GameCube) for that reason… *shrug*

        Since you brought up Wing in your entry… I just learned that, in the new EW manga (which is a retelling of GW with added and changed tidbits and Katoki’s Gundams), beyond Treize getting Katoki’s submission for the Epyon design a little too early–not only does Katoki’s Heavyarms finally sport a knife on the right arm, but further (optional) add-ons seen are more missiles attached to the shoulder “spikes” and some tank treads to the shins. Also, Sandrock has a “Full Armor” set-up, too!

        And to keep something even faintly related to SRW for the entry… I wonder if a future SRW game will phase out Okawara’s GW Gundams in favor of Katoki’s, since the recent material is already doing that for in some quest of “unifying” the AC/MC era (or something like that)… *shrug* If so, it makes sense to me, given GW’s MS lineage context.

        Not that I’ll add anything useful (at least I don’t think I will. if this post is of any indication), but I’ll likely have a word or two on your MG DG review.

        1. Confirmation from my first SRWZ topic: http://gunpla-inochi.com/2011/01/13/dai-2-ji-super-robot-wars-z/#more-17509

          I’m actually more of a Vs. gamer (Capcom stuff) than anything else. The RPG/Strategy part pertains SOLELY to SRW only. I do not care for Final Fantasy, Xenosaga, Kingdom hearts and the likes. As a matter of fact, I actually don’t like the RPG genre barring SRW >_>. So GvG is not out of the question… if I happen to come across it, I’ll play it.

          I’ve always wanted to play Gundam Scad Hammer on the Wii but I’m out of luck since my Wii has been unwittingly updated to the new firmware that blocks the wii loader thing. I could always reset the firmware but that’s.. too much trouble.

      1. I personally wouldn’t like that. I think Lelouch is a D-bag, and like I really don’t want pure brain power from a HUMAN to match, what, possibly the best MS pilot of all. “Your stupid Geass can kiss my Newtype ass.” Amuro would say that.

        1. But then again, Lulu’s piloting style is very coolsome and unique so I like that. But still, Lulu shouldn’t equal Amuro in power, I mean, look at how long Amuro’s been in the SRW franchise, and this is like Lulu’s first debut. D: So yeah, AMURO!

  8. oh yeah!..this game is gonna SELL LIKE CANDY!!…not to mention the amazing new series debut…I’ll probably won’t use any of the gundam series exept Nu and Z Gundam..*wishes that there’s Hi Nu Gundam*….NOW I CAN’T EVEN WAIT FOR THE 2ND PART OF SRW Z2 HAKAI KEN!!!

  9. For those who are wondering if how the PSP can handle such great game, UMD datas is already compressed so that it could into a 1.8GB UMD disc. But the truth is, if you uncompressed the files within the UMD disc… it could reach more than 8GB of data. Like in the new Dissidia 012 Doudecim, it was already confirmed by many PSP users that when you uncompressed the audio files of the game, the total size of just only the audio files reached the 8GB mark. :)

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