Gunpla Chat 04

Time to talk about what’s been happening behind the Gunpla scene nowadays. First off- the MG 00 Raiser. Here we can see it in its raw OOB form. Either Bandai photoshopped the nubmarks out or it is very well hidden on this model because I don’t seem to spot any. However, I don’t know what’s more scary: the price tags of the average MG slowly, but surely, creeping up into the mid 5000-7000 yen range or people being able to justify the price. The MG 00 Raiser is roughly $80 before shipping… but no one pays MSRP for Gunpla anymore. Or at least I hope not.

– The LED for the head… I wonder if the sticker for the eyes will just be the black border around it or if it will be thinner to let the LED shine through. Leaving it plain like that looks kinda bad.

– Locking mechanism for the wing binders. Nice!

– The Raiser Sword effect parts is like exactly the same length as the beam effect for the GN Spatulas… that is so wrong >_>. Well, I supposed the model still has to be able to wield the sword. It just doesn’t have that “RAISER SWORRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDO!!” feel ^^;

– This is a great pose and a great shot. I can’t tell if this fully painted model apart from its PG counterpart.

– That waist bending… I have a feeling it’s going to be like that just standing there if the model is posed too much. Maybe there will be a “tab” on its back that holds its back straight like the MG Freedom?

Alright… so the Jegan ECOAS’s color is actually olive? Not chocolate?

– Everything and every part of the RG Strike looks fantastic (it looks more like a slight evolution from the PG design)… except the head, that seems to draw its inspiration from the MG (lame). The face is just not “smug” enough like the PG or Katoki designs.

– Notice the two-tone beam rifle. It was always just gray. That is nice.

– Out at the end of the month!

Sadly, the “new” MG Wing Ver. EW really is just a Ver. Ka without the cooler decals (shield and wing), base connectors, and an even more mundane RWB color scheme. All the other markings seem to be intact. Well, I did call it way before confirmation so I’m not surprised one bit. Few were apparently disappointed because they were their hopes up for updated hands…

– Why is it that the gray prototype always seem to look better than the color-molded version? This applied to the PG Strike Freeom, and the RD V2AB.

– At this angle and pose, I can totally feel and see the “Katoki” design element in it!

– Still no sign of its beam saber yet (!!!)

– The gray-scale prototype looks pretty good here too! Its own wings is used as back support?

– Biting feet… cute. Not.

– That waist transformation gimmick… I can only hope that the way it connects together for MS form is sturdy enough so it doesn’t become loose and separate. That would suck.

– So why does it look like ass in color? I’m gonna chalk this one up to being a “pre-production rough prototype”. *Points at the chest orb/search eye* I’m not too worried about its proportions at the moment… but that face…!

– Those wings are THICK. And judging from the color separation, it’s probably not light either. With 4-points of articulation in its shin, back-heaviness can be a problem!

– Well, at least the new shield design and heatrod looks hot.

– Yo Epyon! You ain’t fooling nobody with that transformation!That’s just some funky yoga position!

– I remember assembling the HG 1/100 Eypon over ten years ago… I hated assembling the heatrod.

– Where’s the sword?!

Well, that’s all I gotta comment about this time. Feel free to discuss.

Images from Gundam Guy and Wing Ver. EW photo from Dalong.


65 thoughts on “Gunpla Chat 04

  1. Which is why the GunPla segments (at least for me now) seems to be less interesting or rather boring though many will disagree and keep on praising Bandai like there are God or what ever…. but that is not my problem either, that’s what I feel exactly…

    I still spent money on Bandai’s product though, the action figures and Robot Tamashii and the GFFN….

    The only GunPla I want now is RG Aile Strike and nothing else simply because of Kira Yamato and it is Strike, nothing else matter….

    then again, many disagree with me… like I care… LOL

    Dissent is not disloyalty…. but not many morons understand it… LOL

  2. Adding to the GN Frame comment I’ve made. I have all 3 00 MGs. I’ll start with the Exia to GN-X, they both have the same knee joint, except what’s clever of Bandai is that they made GN-X’s knee construction the reverse of the Exia’s knees, hence there was a funky peg that the Exia’s knee plate was supposed to plug into on the back GN-X’s knees. Most of the GN-X’s frame other than its feet, hands, and thighs(other than the two “balls” that plug into the waist) are exactly the same frame as Exia’s, and on the runners they put on “GN furemu”.
    The notion of GN furemu was also seen on the 00Q’s frame. It shares the same waist, and circle chest to house a chest GN Drive, and the same build on shoulder joints, the rotation gimmick was something new but most of the torso are the same. This is why 00Q is released: it was easier to make the frames for the limbs because they are now just circle orbs since 2nd season, however 00 Raizer would call for a redesigned torso which needs to accommodate the backpack as well, and a new O Raizer. When all they needed to do for the 00Q was to revamp the arms/legs and use the same torso. 00 Raizer will be having the same arms, legs, and waist construct as the 00Q but it will be featuring a new chest and yeah the new drives. I think it’s more like a hybrid project when Bandai is developing 00 and 00Q thanks to the world of similarities between the two kits.

    1. hmm… that makes a lot of sense. Even for the HG 1/144, all the gundams pretty much share the same frame (mostly the joints). Makes sense of a production and design standpoint I guess.

  3. as big as the 00R price tag looks, i think it makes sense since there is so much plastic you are getting for it. i would rather they take out the LED though, it’s raising the price by however little it does. i think i’ve said this before, the eyes on 00 aren’t even supposed to be green and i find the glow of the LED to look weird. to me it’s kind of like how trans-am pearl glossy pink kits don’t look right. i’m also kind of disapointed that the spatula sensors are in green. you can’t even paint it blue becuase of that…=(
    on the other hand, i don’t see anything wrong with gn sword III’s raiser sword effect being the same length as the ones on the spatulas. the beams for the spatulas are supposed to be raiser swords after all. if you don’t recal, the first time 00R used raiser sword, it didn’t have gn sword III yet.
    about the nub marks, the latest pics show that the nubs look the usual in places like the feet, and then some real bad ones on the side of the 0 raiser canopy.
    the oddest part about this MG 00R is that in the design sketches, they showed that the back has giant circular hollow area, just like exia and 00Q’s LED/GN drive housing. someone said they are just recycling 00Q’s frame, but i didn’t think they would even recycle the completely different torso lol XD

    ecoas jegan is still brown as it should be, i actually dont remember seeing those olive pics XD they arent that olive anyway, it just the lighting.

    i wanted to get the ver ka wing, but there wasnt any so i ended up with the EW. it’s a shame the yellow isn’t so orangey, but that’s about it. the blue and white is near impossible to tell apart unless to compare them like that. red is the same, and the beam is still turnquoise(despite some pics suggesting otherwise, although idk if it’s still the same shade). the frame is plain gray instead of brownish, but i think it might stand out funny if you look at it against other EW kits. the awsome decals are still there, they are just shrunken to match the other EW kits. i don’t know where they go yet though and dalong seemed to have not used them. i always thought ver ka had fancy decals, but looking at the EW ones I realised their size and placement were filled with insanity XD. so the only thing im disappointed about is the yellow. it actually matches deathscythe hell, but not deathscythe, which as an orangey shade…weird

    i initially thought the painted epyon looked kind of weird too, but then someone pointed out that the reason the head looks so deformed is because of the red goatee. epyon has this thick red chin guard that comes out beneath the chin peice and makes up the lower portion of the faceplate. in the coloured photo, it looks so dark that you don’t notice it there, so the face looks shorter. i also noticed that the leveled/almost centered angle of the shot makes the chest look flat, so you only notice the broad pecs XD and none of the awsome mecha look. to further make it look squat, the shoulders are pointed horizontally making epyon look even wider, while the unpainted shot has them pointed slightly up giving a sleeker look.

  4. Glad to see epyon finally getting the mg treatment, the heat rod looks badass. Where’s the sword?

    I’m really torn on the mg 00 raiser… I just caved in and bought the 00 quanta during hlj’s fundraising event for the earthquake in Japan, then this new one gets released >_<. Hlj's page for the new 00R mentions something about LEDs in the gn drives and 2 more in the raiser, but it only comes with 1 for the head. That sounds like the reason the price is hiked up.

  5. i’m really excited to get me one of those MG 00 raiser..i don’t really care about pose-ability..i just want it to stand nicely..though i think that 0 raiser attached to him would really make him back heavy i know i’ll figure something out to fix it just like the “left-heavy” issue of MG 00 QanT..:)

    i’m really disappointed at that MG looks…fat..o_o it doesn’t have that MG sleekness i was hoping for..and what’s up with that face..XD detail/color-accurate wise i think it’s great..but that proportion sucks..if that’s already the final look of it, there’s no chance i’m getting that one..:)

  6. Yay! More Gunpla Chat!

    MG OO-Raiser
    Right, this is the MG OO Raiser which most OO fans who didn’t get the PG and wanted more than a HG have been waiting for… and it looks exactly the same as the 1/100 OO Raiser o-o. Personally, I would just pick up the Designer colour’s version, as it has all the light-up gimmicks, the beam parts, AND a better colour scheme (I like the pastel colours more). Then again, the GN condensers, locks for wing binders, inner frame and cockpit are all a nice bonus for those who can fork out the large sum.

    ECOAS Jegan
    Sergei Smirnov in colour!!!

    RG Strike
    Now THIS is cool. The entire Aile Strike looks upgraded and more awesome. The tweaks to the wings on the Aile pack and the new beam rifle both look fantastic (Why wasn’t it like this in the Anime?).
    I have one major question though.

    When is the AQM/E-X02 Sword Pack coming?

    Just curious, but anyone out there wishing for a RG Aegis Gundam like I am…?

    Wing Gundam Ver. EW
    Hmmm, I think I’ll go look at my Wing Ver. Ka.
    -I think I’ll put the decals on some time so it looks cooler (is scared of screwing up though ._.)
    -I want the action base connectors, the “bucket” connector which I’m using right now doesn’t give a lot of leg movement sadly

    MG Epyon
    I like this kit. I like this kit a lot. It’s like a dragonic version of WZC in RED :DDDDD The wings are works of art! The biting legs are authentic! But Z, you have a point: The face. It does not look like Epyon’s face at all o-o I’m hoping it’s just the angle…

  7. This new RG gunpla line is quite nice. It’s like 1/144 MG kit and that’s pretty cool.The price is also not bad if only Bandai will have similar line up for RG kits like this for HG kits then I will probably start buying them.

  8. Was kinda surprised that Jegan ECOAS type ended up having different tone to that of Loto.

    Don’t know what to say about Eypon though. It looks broader than the original version, especially the face mask, which seems slightly unusual for a Katoki redesign IMHO.

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