Metal Build 00 Gundam 7Sword

What’s there not to love about the Metal Build 00 Gundam Seven Sword besides its price? To call this item a “figure” almost sounds kinda degrading. I would much call it a completed model!

That face! it’s so badass looking! Must be the gray side burns. I’m usually not a fan of “shiny” or metallic paint jobs but this looks hot. Diecast joints and waist!

Poseability and articulation obviously aren’t an issue here since it looks like it is capable of pulling off those wide stances like its HG 1/144 model.

I have a really hard time believing this photo though… is it really capable of holding the GN Buster Sword II HORIZONTALLY STRAIGHT!? or the person just photoshopped the clear stand out? If it’s the former, that is some joint power it got there!

I am contemplating so hard on this completed model… it looks better than the MG, should be sturdier with diecast joints, has 7 Swords, it is actually painted, poses well, interchangeable spatulas, has an awesome decal job, but almost double the price of the MG 00… It’s painful but almost sounds like it’s worth it! I don’t know!

Review and images from Hobby no Toriko


69 thoughts on “Metal Build 00 Gundam 7Sword

  1. I doubt that bandai will not make a MG version of 7swords. Marketing strategy is what bandai is after. XD after all Metal Build version of 7swords is a limited only.

  2. If I were you and able to get it, I would.
    The overall figure looks great and,well, it’s a “metal build”. More solid than that MG 00 Raiser me feels.

    Of course, a simpler reason to get it would be… “Swords, swords everywhere!” XD
    (To be honest, I want to get one but the price is too up there for me – especially this year where my budget had to be shifted elsewhere.) ^^;

  3. Hrm… The color scheme’s faded but not pastelly, a big like for me, but the yellow’s much too dark and the metallic particles in the gray on the torso are too coarse. That and the price make this an easy pass for me.

  4. Actually, I remember a 7 Sword conversion kit for NG 1/100 00-Raiser… I wonder if it will suit MG 00 Riaser…

  5. I like everything about the Metal Build, but the price T_T I’d actually rather shell out a bit more for the PG, no Seven Swords though :( Please please oh please let there be a 7S/G add-on for the MG 00!!

    1. I would rather plead for a PG 7 Sword add-on… a MG 7S sounds almost kinda likely… it’s like people back then wishing for the MG 00 Raiser as if it would never come to fruition…

      1. 7S/G for the PG would be a real surprise!! Lets hope the 7S/G for MG comes true; till this day I’m still surprised the MG Astrays actually got the Tactical Arms at all ^^

  6. Metal Build seems to be an improved version of GFFN/GFFMC… would grab it if comes with 30% discount….. as it is now, I cant afford it….

  7. sorry to upset you Z, but the stand WAS photoshopped out.
    i saw it in a few other websites…how disapointing

    1. that only makes sense. I had a hard time believing even diecast could’ve hold up that buster sword. Thanks for pointing it out!

  8. looks great..but for it’s price i’ll have to pass..i’ll just wait for the MG 00 raiser and hope that bandai would release an add-on kit of the 7 sword system..they did it for the regular MG victory kit (the core booster add-on kit) and i just wish bandai would do the same for the MG 00raiser.but that’s just wishful thinking xD

  9. I think it really WORTHS!!

    especially for you Z who doesn’t really paint the model, the cost of painting the whole model may cost another 3000-5000yen and you got yourself Seven Swords and really good painted and nicely decaled “perfect” 00 Gundam.

    I can’t afford even the MG, so I’ll pass. My HG 1/144 Seven Sword 00 Gundam is still enough for me.

  10. it looks better than the MG, should be sturdier with diecast joints, has 7 Swords, it is actually painted, poses well, interchangeable spatulas. Lets hope the 7S/G for MG comes true; till this day I’m still surprised the MG Astrays actually got the Tactical Arms at all.

  11. Zhi, I don’t think it’s worth it.

    $143, isn’t it?

    It cost twice more than an MG, and you already have an HG of it.

    I’m worried you’ll be disappointed with playing with the same type of model if you bought this.

      1. Hahahaha!

        I guess no one can get bored with swords.

        But then again, it feels like you’re going to be paying a lot for it.

        You could probably buy two or three MGs (or multiple HGs) besides buying this.

  12. My friend managed to get one for me, as a ‘late’ birthday present, he said that it’s in return for the GFF Metal Composite G-3 Gundam (the 00 7S figure an equivalent to a GFFMC or a Soul of Chogokin) that I gave to him. You should get one, mainly as a companion for the Metal Composite RX-78-2 Ver. Ka.


    After seeing the GG’s review over at his blog (whilst hoping for news that’ll more likely come in May rather than now), it seems like a confirmation of how appealing this is to you. I’m not into 00 a lot, and it’ll be out of my budget (or would blow it), so it’s not as interesting to me, yet this impressed me to even reconsider for a second. As much as I like my GFF Wing and wished there was a metal composite version of it for the EW:GotL manga, this Metal Build would still be everything this hypothetical GFF:MC wouldn’t; in articulation and the glossy-to-kinda-look-like-metal look (that the MB kinda-sorta pulls off in a way, or maybe I might be overthinking that part; even with an erected 1:1-scaled statue of Gundam in Japan, I somehow still can’t judge how to make my figures/models appear in my head like the real robot mecha they depict).

    Given my personal tastes and your mentions of contemplation, I wonder if there would be strong reconsideration in your earlier plans (to a point) in order to pick this up… Most of me doubts it, but you seem to be drawn to this, and I’d understand why if you saw GG’s review.

    Personally, I think I’ll get a couple of more Gunpla and be disappointed at this or that or the other while people enjoy the Metal Build. *shrug*

    1. Yea I read his review yesterday or so and his thoughts confirmed what I had thought it would be. Nice. I am still tempted but I think I can wait on it just some more… got other things on my list to get at the moment..

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