Laksa Nyonya

I have seen and heard about this “Laksa” dish enough times on DC and seems like Singaporeans/Malaysians like to talk about it with pride… so I MUST try it! I SEEK I SAW I ATE!

You know… for a Singaporean Malaysian restaurant, all the decor inside feels pretty Japanese… ^^;. The lighting inside was dimmer than a bar when it got dark outside so I wasn’t able to take pics of all the food we ordered -_-;.

Got what I came for! This dish was pretty bomb! Coconut curry-like soup base, chili oil, hard boiled egg, shrimp, fried tofu, fish cake, squid, chicken, and rice noodles. So full of win.

My Singaporean/Malaysian readers, feel free to laugh at me for paying $12 for a bowl of laksa and knowing you guys probably have it way better than what I had ^^;. My bowl was perfectly enjoyable, but I can only imagine how much more awesome this dish must taste from the home source.

Need to go back for round 2 some time soon…


65 thoughts on “Laksa Nyonya

  1. Can’t compare the price like that… one have to remember about the cost factor, labor, logistics, tax, tax, tax and tax…. US is not Malaysia where the government will subsidize and control the price of certain food items… it’s all about open market there – take it or leave it….

  2. Wow… The iPad version of This blog looks a lot better than the standard one.
    More cleaner and easy to browse but typing on here sucks
    -sent from iPad at the apple store

      1. Yeah, it’s different, but if there are too many picture on the blog, the browser will be forced to shut off (not enough memory)

        1. That’s exactly what I did to the iPad2 when I entered one of my MG reviews… hahaha the lag and the slowdown… it was all too funny xD. This place is too mobile-unfriendly..

              1. Been commenting on this blog since forever from iPhone, it’s a pain in the butt to have to enlarge every pic though.
                BTW I got the composite ver.ka Haruhi robo
                It’s like the biggest ass step of improvement from like the previous composites like that Lancelot you had. Weally well made, however a couple of visible nubs on the exoskeleton but they’re covered when Haruhi is docked on so doesnt really bother me. Decals and shizz are superb, but I don’t like semi-gloss on red still…
                Sad thing, the stand that’s included is one of the most useless things ever.

                1. I see… while I don’t care for any of the upcoming composite ver. ka figures, at least they are improving their quality. The Exbein looks like it’s back to GFF again terms of details.

  3. Man….that looks nothing like laksa here in s’pore. It only
    costs about 3-4 $ . still, not bad 4 overseas version.

  4. Last time I went to Malaysia, I don’t really like it until my friend offerred me and I got addicted with it. For those who haven’t tried this, three words: just try it.

  5. now seriously, that is a VERY VERY VERY small serving for a 12$ laksa.

    come and have a taste of it in Malaysia, believe me, its great!! none can compare to the original.

    theres a few type of it, and in Malaysia east coast they even eat it with hands (eat noodle with hands?).But theres a reason for it anyway, its a different type of laksa.

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