Audi A7 Papercraft

This is very cool! The video speaks for itself. Maybe Gunpla building was too easy for them? Haha…


16 thoughts on “Audi A7 Papercraft

  1. haha nice, I even saw a paper of a craft race car though I cant remember the model :D

    also there are paper crafts of SD models I have the parts of the SD Hi-Nu paper craft amongst others :D

  2. Oh my goodness that’s quite impressive…I thought it was life-sized at first.

    I’ll never figure out how those people make papercrafts…they can make some darn amazing things, but it just seems to defy possibility.

    I wanna see them make an Audi R8 next. ;D

    1. Shows that the A7 is 1/100 scale hahaha…

      Oh, so it’s no random coincidence that those designers also build gundam models! awesome…

  3. wow. awesome job at wasting paper and turning it into something even more awesome. also, is that MkII an MG or a seemingly deceiving papercraft as well?

  4. It’s not really hard, just extremely tedious. You should try it Z! They have a bunch of awesome gundam papercrafts!

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