MC 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom GET

This is no Gundam, boy. No Gundam…

Apparently there has been a slight ruckus in the gunplasphere lately about some Chinese-made Hi-Nu “Gundoom” Gunpla knock-off that is garnering praises unanimously from people here and there. Chinese knock-offs? praises? LOLWUT?! So I had to see for myself what the fuss was about. Instead of waiting around for someone to review it in detail in English, I took it upon myself to see for myself what the rage is all about and to show you all as well (when I get to it that is…). So basically, I bought this kit:

1. Out of sheer curiosity

2. For the lulz

This kit shipped from China in much better packing than I anticipated; instead of one layer of green wrapping paper, the model box itself was just wrapped in one layer of bubble wrap and was shipped as is. Seriously, that’s a big improvement compared to the other few times I ordered something from someone in China/HK. Still, you can see the box suffered from some dings and dents… naturally. It came within 1 week so I was fine.

For a “1/144”, the box is very much MG-sized.

The box is not your traditional Gunpla box as you can see. It’s actually a box inside a box.

And inside the cover of the inner box contains the “Wings of light” for the Hi-Strike-Nu-Freedom, beams for the custom-designed sword, and waterslide (!!!) decals.

Them wings are huge. I kid you not. Look at it compared with the MG Destiny’s wings. 1/144 vs. 1/100…

Even though it looks metallic, it is still translucent. And yes, it changes color depending on which way it bends the light. Okay, I gotta admit… It looks really cool. From the pictures online, I thought it was like paper flimsy but it feels surprisingly solid.

This “Gundoom” actually has one original design: a Super Robot-esque double beam sword. The biggest blade is actually the same length as the beam from the MG Arondight! AND it is BLUE!

This is probably the part that most of you in the know are concerned/curious/interested about- the PLASTIC QUALITY. Here’s th crackdown:

1. Perspective 1: Yes, it is NOT on par with Bandai quality. BUT! Very close. If Bandai is 100%, this is 90-95%. That means while this is not top standard, it is still “high quality”… at least according to me. As far as I can tell for now, I see nothing “wrong” or complain about as far as the plastic goes.

2. I spot no plastic flash (leaked excess plastic on the edges) at all.

3. The parts are rich in details (panel lines, bolts, etc).

4. Perspective 2: The plastic quality here can give Kotobukiya the finger. Coming from my experience with Kotobukiya’s SRW kits (R-1, R-Gun, Cybaster, Alt Eisen Riese, and Thrudgelmir), I think they have the worst plastic quality. This is WAY BETTER… by far! If you can be happy with Koto’s kit, you won’t complain about this.

5. Of course, the quality of the plastic has nothing to do with parts fitment. Sadly, I won’t be able to test this until I can get around to building this.

6. I was thinking this could very well have been an MG kit but looking at the color separation, it is very much a HG kit in this regard; many parts require some painting. I would peg this on the same level as 2008-current line of HG models.

That’s one humongous sheet of foil stickers (it’s almost the size of one runner). The waterslide looks to be quality stuff though.

The manual feels nice and glossy.

Color pages!

For those who cares, I took photos of all the English text (click photo to enlarge) that talks about this Gundoom’s history, technology, and whatnot. I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet but one thing caught my eyes- THE SOUL CLEAVER SYSTEM. It’s official… this thing is a super robot. hahah!

More photos.

Yes. This is not a real Gundam model. Yes. This is Chinese made. Yes. This is not official Bandai product. Is it “bootleg”? That depends on how you interpret the meaning but I won’t go into that. Not with this post at least since it is becoming quite lengthy. After rummaging through the parts, my initial impression of “let’s build it for the lulz” has turned into something along the lines of “hmm… might have some potential for some guilty pleasure”. We’ll see.

I still owe you a MG ReZel review but unfortunately, it is stuck in review/photography hell at the moment since I have no time whatsoever at the moment. Tied down by the usual college obligations…


164 thoughts on “MC 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom GET

  1. The origin of this design: A modified version of the VP 1/100 Hi Nu Conversion scaled down slightly to be used for the 1/144 HGUC Hi Nu by the company OTM. MC took this version retooled it as an injection plastic kit which copies some of the 1/144 HGUC Hi-Nu’s construction and added their own details and proportional changes. It is not a boot leg of Bandai’s kit, but is obviously a modified copy of the resin designs.

    Resin kits by 3rd parties are done in a funky scale like 1/72, 1/35, or specified as “non scale” to stay out of Bandai’s radar. B-Club is Bandai’s in-house resin department. This is a non-scale Hi Nu (approx 1/120 if you did the math).

    Bandai does not recognize 3rd party products that are not made by Bandai.

    1. Hey Derringer, mind if I just copy and paste your comment in my review of this kit whenever I get around to it?

      I like how professional and official you sound when you provide these info xD. Haha a true Bandai representative!

  2. Now you made me want to rush to the store where I booked mine and get building as soon as I can. :P (Too bad I can’t even if I want unless I want to make my life harder. ^^;)

    Didn’t expect you to get one, but welcome to the club? LOL

  3. I honestly don’t get what people’s problem with this kit is. This is a retooled plastic version of a resin kit, not of the Bandai Hi-Nu kit. Most resin kit makers by default are not affiliated with Bandai (save for B-Club). Bandai does not get any money from the sale of most resin kits. If anything, this will only affect the sales of resin recasts of the kit (the original kit being already discontinued, and recasts being bootlegs of kit). If you’re going to argue that this is going to affect the sales of the Bandai Hi-Nu kit, then doesn’t that tell you something about the quality of Bandai’s version of the kit in comparison with this kit then?

    If anything this should be a wake-up call for Bandai. Their version of the Hi-Nu only comes with two usable Fin Funnels and lacks variety in the hands that comes with it. Really, only two friggin funnels and only three hands? What’s up with that? This kit solves all those issues, and manages to add in a few bonus things as well.

    Even if this is a bootleg, at least it’s not like Bandai’s kit which has been strategically made to milk the maximum amount of money out of you. Need four more useable funnels for your HGUC Hi-Nu? Buy two more Hi-Nus then! Need more hands for it? Buy our B-Club resin hands which costs almost as much as the kit itself! Honestly. Don’t even get me started on the HGUC Unicorns which only come with either the bazooka or the beam magnum.

  4. walao! zhi is dead again! wat is it this time? car crash,tiredness,period….who the fuck cares anyway…people are waiting asshole…..

    1. If you can take care of my academic, financial, and social obligations then I’ll gladly dedicate myself 24/7 to Gunpla :D

      I also give people the benefit of the doubt that they also have better/more important things going on in their lives to take care of than actually “wait” here.

  5. He doesn’t really have an obligation to provide us with speedy reviews, and I’m sure he has a life outside of building model kits. I sure hope you know that.

  6. Everyday I come on here hoping to stop seeing Mr.Taxi or like Zhi on the recent activity log. Just like how I used to look up Ngee Khiong D:
    Btw Zhi I strongly recommend learning the seamless treatment technique because Gundoom has seams in the most obnoxious places..

  7. i can’t wait to see your review about this model :D
    maybe you will find at least 2 problems with this model

    take a look at this limited edition of the nu gundoom

    it’s so cool that i hope it was real and i hope i can get it in my country ~_~
    and i hope the head are in the right shape too >_>

    *sorry for my bad english m(_ _)m
    google translate are sucks >_>

  8. Enjoyed this Gundoom so much that I made a review out of it ( hahaha. Man for a china-made Gunpla, this baby sure looks awesome!

    Looking forward to your review on the Gunpla as well =D

    1. A friend of mine told me that a rumor is, the company behind gundoom and TT Hongli is one. :O I don’t wanna believe.

      1. heck with other people words about
        “hey this model is fake, maybe it’ll be better if you buy the original one”
        oh c’mon, we all know bandai didn’t make the evolve ver one >_>
        if only they make the evolve ver one >_>
        and my skill is still not enough yet to do a resin
        and i just buy it ’cause the model looks good
        especially the feet
        forgot to mention that the nu gundoom articulation is a bit better at the knee than the nu one
        maybe about 4 or 7 mm more than the nu one
        and it have more fin funnel and bazooka

  9. Have you ever heard about TT Hongli? TT Hongli (usually called Hongli) is a chinese gunpla too. It’s use official bandai name for the kits! Of course, the price is lower than the real BANDAI product (Exia IM is IDR 650.000, Hongli ver. IDR 250.000). In my country (Indonesia) TT Hongli more popular than MC Model. The gunpla modellers use this China kits for cannibal/experiment kit and maybe for first-model kit-experience.

    1. FYI not all modellers in indonesia use this kit for cannibal or experiment, and for first-model kit-experience

      they have cheaper price because they did not make a original gundam model, they copied it from bandai, and rename it into fighter
      and the plastic quality are not really good
      that’s why it have cheaper price

      mc model use quite high quality plastic, they didn’t copy a model from bandai, they re-scale the nu and hi-nu evolve resin kit and then make the plastic model kit
      even they make they own original weapon
      that’s why the price is same as the Bandai HG kit
      and i forgot about the SD Nightingale
      i think it’s they original SD model
      who knows, lol

      *hope you’ll understand this >_>

    1. I believe there where 2 versions that came out. One with the wings and water slides and one with out. But then again that’s what I heard.

  10. I won’t exactly call it a bootleg, though it’s really in the gray area. I’d rather call this a “third party” manufactured model kit — akin to the third party stuff (i.e. Fans Project, iGear, etc.) that comes out from the Transformers side of things…

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