49 thoughts on “Mr. Taxi

  1. im not a fan of KPOP (not at all). but THEY’RE HOT! — I wish they were Japanese though.. maybe one of them will enter the JAV world. XD

  2. Offtopic: Got a PSP off my lil cousin and DL’d both Dai-Ni-Ji and SD Gundam G Generation World, GWorld is so good. Couldn’t play Z because a patch is needed..

      1. Finally got it to work after some tinkering, it’s very fun game, however the 00 Gundams become sort of ineffective later on. personal experience, first encounter with final boss(just the boss) at scenario 22 with decently upgraded 00 Gundams was epic fail, other than Virtue whose defence I’ve beefed up to sky high, Exia and Kyrios were done in 1hit. Invaders are very soft, but Dimensional Beasts are far from it(those dragon things from PV), with D.fort shield which cancels out damage up to 3000(?), and 底力 skill which increase hit rate, crit rate, def rate, and dodge rate significantly as hp decreases, those guys are TOUGH. And the Macross units end up doing 0’s when I tried to use them as finishers, even sacrificing few in the process.
        Main char’s robot is quite cool looking, skills looking fierce too, there is also an option around scenario 5 ish where the blondie asks you if you prefer ranged attacks or melee(quick finger flip and I chose shooting FML) after choosing this option you will be given a specific new set of weapons and later on determines your ultimate(Spigot-VN) attack.
        I would suggest beefing up the SRs and the Code Geass guys, SRs tank hits like bosses and because of L size do more dmg on smaller ones. Kallen is my main sweeper thanks to her epic dmg with the radiation thing, Lulu for tactic control(buffs up an area of units a certain way for a turn). Mazinger, Getter, Dancouga, and later on Aquion and “Soruguravion” and a movement buffed Big-O make up my Super Robot team, however, when forced to use those classic SRs, I found that they too were actually really good. And don’t forget TTGL.
        As for the Gundams, the UC and Destiny guys come out halfway through the game, and KiraxAthrun attack is unlocked much later. They are very tanky to dimensional beasts thanks to VPS, slash, and beam shields. However, because D.Fort is expecially strong against quantum weapons, later on in game these Gundams are only able to do significant damage once the pilots have SEED. Wing boys are alright, I mainly use Heero, Duo, and Wufei, when Duo gets his active cloak attack he is able to nerf hit rates of the target, Heero gains a map attack later on the Okinawa Wing is really good a sweeper, Wufei does intense damage which overshadows Quatre and Trowa. Zeta…. is kind of meh, I haven’t got to the stage where NT is active so I can’t say anything about it yet. Turn A is rather disappointing, it died a couple of times facing dimension beasts, and DX is rather on the neutral side.
        Game play is quite easy from the start but becomes progressively difficult later on, and SP levels are nerfed to the point where some pilots can only cast a spirit once and not be able to caste anything else. SP cost for each spirit is also not regulated so accel might cost 25, 20, or 15.
        Suborder system is quite nice, allowing you to make extra cash, level nooby pilots, farm pp for stat building, and farm killstreaks.
        Am currently at stage 30, and the game is very fun, but not as fanservicey as W or K, only oppai bounces I’ve seen so far are 1) 2 rare occations where Yoko joins the battle and fires her gun 2) Female antagonist performing her ultimate. Animation is definitely really good, the macross ones are the best, but too bad such epic attacks did so little damage.
        Well, there’s my novel, haha.

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