HGUC Unicorn Gundam D-Mode

Not even in my dream have I thought I would be able to pick up this rare model… I definitely lucked out on this one! :D

Much thanks and appreciation goes out to Rob at An American Salaryman in Osaka for offering this to me. No way was I able to turn it down ^^;. It did not cost me an arm nor a leg… and definitely not my ticket to Japan.

I couldn’t help but kept grinning as I held this in my hands…

I’m guessing this gloss white is the same as the MG Unicorn Titanium Ver.? It looks much nicer in person than it ever did in photos…

Dark bling bling parts. The beam magnum is gonna be awesome!

That deep blue is lovely. Same for the clear blue… blue is my favorite color after all. Except when it is with white, red, and yellow…

The ANA stickers. The timing of this model was just right because I had just learned about ANA and JAL’s history in one of my classes earlier this week. GO ANA!

I had a predicament of whether I should assemble it or keep it like this since it is so rare. But if I keep it like this, I won’t be able to appreciate it sooo… It will be assembled. Sooner than later. Thanks again, Rob!

MG ReZEL Command Ver. review tomorrow.


37 thoughts on “HGUC Unicorn Gundam D-Mode

  1. I wish I knew that Rob guy.. You sure got lucky Z! Enjoy the build. We will definitely wait for your review. :D

  2. The investor in me says don’t build it, just keep it as part of your collection, this thing will be worth a boatload just for the rarity

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