MG ReZEL Review

No matter how dead this place might become, there will always be reviews here ^^;. I actually finished the ReZEL months ago but left it in review hell due to papers piling up endlessly. The review is shorter this time since I didn’t make an omake and didn’t take as many photos as before but it should still be sufficient. Here it is- MG RGZ-95C ReZEL Commander Type!



5 thoughts on “MG ReZEL Review

  1. It seems I usually post my two cents of a review on the “Review out!” blog entries, and I’ll do the same here. Again, I’ll quote you, but I’ll bold your comments rather than italicize. With that useless bit of information mentioned, here we go… *rubs hands*

    “Oh yea, can’t forget about that hooking crotch!”
    …And people have the gall to gawk and negatively wonder at the White Doll’s–ahem–“pilot accommodation” in design and location? (SUMO’s to a lesser extent, though I’ve rarely read any to know just how lesser.) I won’t go into the academics of design quirks like ReZEL’s, or “pilot accommodation” placement, since this is mainly about aesthetics. But funnily enough, whether it was TAG or ReZEL, I never actually had thought about such design aspects–especially the ways people normally do–until I noticed just how much people did gawk at either. It seems now that people might as well upscale that to oversized proportions for the sake of reaction before it’s shaved off of the HG and MG models and lineart.

    “That seam line right down its forehead sucks.”
    Well, whether it does or not, it doesn’t bother me so much. Oh, how rarely any of you in the Gunpla community can appreciate Gunpla older than 2000. Especially the 1/144-scaled ones. You have it so easy in how models look nowadays. :P

    “No thanks to the way the legs are connected to the waist, the legs cannot spread wide and still hold its ground. This is the best ground pose I can get out of it and it was not easy to get it to hold. The knees are also a problem because they are fairly loose.”
    “The heaviness of the legs here means it is very hard to get a wide stance; the legs sag annoyingly fast but not before I can take a decent photo.”
    “Like its articulation and assembly process is all for making the transformation possible and viable. So having said that, this model is not very good at action poses despite a decent amount of articulation (main problem is mostly the legs; the arms are very free moving).”
    I remembered a review of the HG ReZEL on the “Random Stuff” blog, and there seems to be quite a contrast here in the articulation of each. At least when I compare the tone of the reviews here. I liked how Rndm was able go get the HG’s legs posed in a way that makes my EMSiA RX-78, RD Turn A, and 1/144 FLAT proud. The HG in those photos of of his looked stable enough to keep that pose without much danger of buckling under it’s own weight.
    He also commented on the difficulty of transforming. So far, I’ve yet to get a model with a complicated transforming procedure, and can appreciate the easy small-scaled ones I’ve done (such as the FLAT), and might prefer part-swapping in the end myself. Personally, I think the most practical use of actual transformation of a model would be in stop motion animations. :) But now that I’ve mentioned transformations…

    “Heh… this thing will never fly on Earth with this kind of shape and lack of any aerodynamic design (it shouldn’t be on Earth; space-use only).”
    You think the flight-capable (and transformable) mobile suits in, oh, I don’t know, Gundam Wing, are truly aerodynamic and can be flight-capable in real life? The Aries must be super-aerodynamic to keep up with a rusty ol’ jet fighter of Quatre’s. :P Hell, I don’t know a whole lot of aerodynamics at all, and I’ve heard (from people) real life jets being described as flying bricks.
    So just suspend your disbelief for a minute. That’s what Minovsky Particles are for and what makes Muttowoooos fly… Like pigs, of course!

    So… Now that you have done the review, I do have one question, Z: Are you now regretting passing up the HG version (missing out on the joys of 1/144 in the process)? :)

    1. I got a bit carried a way (I know, I know: “A bit?!“) and forgot to mention something else of the ReZEL design…

      I still like the design overall, and I too find the legs appealing. I agree that they’re very Zeta-esque. Yet, while not being more industrial rather than graceful in appearance, the legs remind me of Turn A’s in a way. It makes me wish the verniers were shuffled around and the inside of the legs contain verniers (rather than the sides of the legs, ala Alex/Mk-II/Zeta). That, and give it similar parade colors.

      *shrug* I don’t know… Maybe I’m too glued to the White Doll or something, therefore making me look at the ReZEL design in a bit different way. I already just compared the two, after all. Even though the design obviously looks like it evolved from the Methuss (and also has similarities to Z II, another design the Methuss influenced).

  2. I do reviews on gunpla too, but recently stopped. No time for them, and some other merchandises im buying, like figures, ate a huge chunk of my budget. >.<

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