Tonkatsu Curry Rice

My friends and I were a bit disappointed after our last adventure to a curry house… so we decided to make our own this time.

Keeping it simple: potatoes, carrots, and onions. Cubed, sliced, and chopped.

Brown those onions!

Then throw in the rest and add some water to let it cook. We made two pots- one for the weaklings and one for the idiots who likes it unbearably hot.

Not sure how long we were simmering the veggies for before adding the curry blocks. We just let it simmer until it’s soft and ready. The curry looked really watery but then it gradually thickens.

Preparing to make tonkatsu. Dip the pork chop in plate of beaten eggs first then the breadcrumb and flour batter.

Fire it up.

Let a paper towel or something to soak up some of the oil first after it is done then cut it up.

Tonkatsu Curry Rice.




24 thoughts on “Tonkatsu Curry Rice

  1. I don’t like the curry seasoning cubes from House and the like. They taste too much of hydrogenated fat, I think it’s palm fat.

  2. Why JAVA?

    I always loved HOT Golden Curry.

    But for curry itself, I love Thai curry. Especially red Thai curry with bamboo shots.

    Now I’m killing myself.

    1. According to my Japanese friend, the Hot Java one is spicier than even the Extra Hot Golden Curry. Not that it really mattered anyway since we made it even spicier using our own ingredients…

      1. Z.. just like many the Master Grade reviews I have read, you have inspired me once again. I made my first Japanese Curry last night, I was surprised on how easy it was! I even ate the left overs for breakfast with a fried egg on top! OOOOoweeEE!

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