Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG

“Old” news to some of you by now but I would still like to share my excitement about this unexpected news: A Super Robot Wars title for the Playstation 3! Finally! Now I think it’s time for me to finally pick up a PS3 this holiday ^^;. Originally, I was gonna get one to play Gran Turismo 5 but the game felt lacking after playing it at my friend’s. Anyway, yea… 2nd SRW OG. PS3. This is going to be pretty. Very pretty.

I can’t express how glad and grateful I am for Banpresto to continue to keep the battle animation in 2D.

High definition Claymore. YES!

New DGG: Jinrai. Predecessor to RaiOh. So a Suparobo that both kicks, wields a katana AND out to kill Daizengar and Trombe? auto-win!

Wonder how many times you need to cleave it before it joins you…

One tremendous improvement I noticed about the battle animation- REAL CAMERA ANGLES! Look at the background!

It’s like… 3D while keeping it 2D. This is fantastic!

These shrunken screenshots already looks amazing enough. I can’t imagine how sweet of an eye-candy it must be in real animation and at full screen on a TV O_O.

This game is apparently coming out this year. Now my last hope is that they change the weapon upgrade system from upgrading one weapon at a time to upgrading all at once. Man… I still got to finish OG2 (PS2) and OG Gaiden orz.

Source and even more images at Famitsu


39 thoughts on “Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG

  1. When I watched the PV, I was like “Wow, they did an amazing job at blending HD sprites and the 3D background”. I’ve seen several SRW titles (GC, XO, NEO) using full 3D engine for battle animations but they end up looking a bit bland, so I prefer the “traditional way” that most (if not all) SRW games follow: sprites with dynamic battle animations (at least, on recent games, with @3 and 2nd Z being the best of them all).

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