A Lot of Food

Committing gluttony again… :D

Forgot what this plate of sashimi is called… It tasted exactly how it looks.

Spicy tuna hand roll.

Assorted seafood and veggie tempura bowl.

Tonkotsu (do not confuse it with Tonkatsu) shoyu ramen.

Tonkatsu (do not confuse it with tonkotsu) Curry rice… or Katsu kare for short.

They called this crepes. I thought it was supposed to be triangular/cone shaped and hand-held? Anyway, inside contains azuki and a green tea ice cream mochi if you’re curious. It was good!

My own abomination of curry udon with spam ^^;.

attempted to make my own tonkotsu ramen with some fresh ramen and Japanese char siu… next time I should use Chinese char siu for a change and see how they will turn out.

It was good! Just lacked a lot of veggies…

Which I made up with a small side of gyoza.

Wonton noodle soup… haven’t had this in awhile.

I didn’t dug the stuff out but this is actually a bowl of 1000 year old egg and pork congee. jook! A first for my Japanese friend ^^

fried ghost

Got behind the scenes of people making Taiyaki during a little event.

My magikarp

A stone bowl of cooked egg.

I love chijimi! Seafood chijimi!

I feel bad whenever we can’t finish all the little side dishes that comes with out meal at Korean restaurants… ^^;

Dolsot Bibimbap. This is the stuff right here!

If you can see it, it has eggs, assorted veggies, mushrooms, beef, and rice… then you mix together and eat it with that awesome Korean red pepper sauce.

stir-fried octopus and rice cake. It’s as red as you see it.

BBQ pork.

Not edible but pool is a good way to burn off a meal with friends ^^;.

Old Fashioned and… Sex on the Beach?

Eye candy. Acura NSX spotted! This is my dream car (as in, I’m actually serious about owning one in the future… should be relatively cheap by then hopefully).

Until next time!


39 thoughts on “A Lot of Food

  1. Fried ghost?
    I thought it was fried doughnut. (Even though it its in a shape of one…)
    But overall, the food looks delicious. :9

      1. chinese calls it you tiao, in english, its long dough fritters
        you eat the youtiao with the rice congee.thats how some chinese eat it,most of the cantonese maybe

        1. I have never heard of the word ghost meaning dough unless ghost means something else in a different language. >.>

  2. From time to time, when these entries show up, I wonder if you’re going to combine all these foods into a couple of dishes and engage in a cook-off in the course of an hour or something. :)

  3. Damn good food…. I am hungry again! Even though I just had dinner, LOL.
    Why do you call youtiao fried ghost? Is there a meaning behind it?

      1. Yeah, somewhere in Portland.
        But not the exact address :<

        Did you go to the Rose Fes. today?
        Damn it was fun.

        1. Rose festival was today? I didn’t know about it. No wonder why the highway and the roads were so crowded today…

  4. tonkotsu…lol…i’ve only had the nissin kind…the one in the green packag kind XD
    why are u scaring ppl with the congee lolol
    and the you dza gwuy…haven’t had those in a long time. apparently they have traces of aluminum(compounds?) in them and ingesting them daily for long periods of time would eventually lead to damaging the nervous system…

    btw, why is it that there is an “r” in char siu? i don’t get engilfication(i like making words up) of chinese most of the time. i would just spell it tsa siu, and it would be pronounced almost perfectly even if u didnt know canto…

    1. Hmm… since these oil-fried ghosts are house made, I think I’m pretty sure it is at least aluminum free.

      I don’t understand how it works either but hey, as long as it gets the idea across…

  5. So, I seriously cut down on meat until I didn’t eat any for the past month. I was so sick of it. Now this. I wanna eat so much meat now. :(
    BTW it’s so sad that they didn’t have any rare/exclusive gunpla at Anime North up here :'( and all the gunpla they sell are mad over priced, hopefully gonna snatch up some TRs for cheap tomorrow if they decide to cut the prices…

  6. Dolsot Bibimbap… I never liked that. D:
    Tasted too much like rice with eggs and a little bit of veggies. (too much egg-rice makes me want to puke…)
    Though everything else is lovely. <3

    1. Where’d you eat bibimbap?

      Maybe you didn’t add enough spicy sauce (I hardly find it spicy though. At least it gives flavor). Veggies makes it taste good. Along with kimbab (dried seaweed, or nori.

  7. Z, The NSX would never come so cheap. ;). I know most my friends who were car modders and such, really praised this car. We even got one as a trophy car for our team (in Aus by the way). Hopefully got mine as well. :P

  8. Nice shots! I do a lot of food photographi as well, I hate it in the fancy restaurants where it’s nearly pitch dark, I have to boost my ISO to crazy levels since I avoid using flash

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