Sweet… my copy of Super Robot Wars Z II Hakai Hen finally came in the mail today (ordered it from AmiAmi). I also managed to borrow a really beat-up PSP to play it ^^;. And I mean the PSP is REALLY beat-up… scratches everywhere, dings and dents, slightly cracked screen, a lot of dust inside the screen, UMD door crooked, and all sorts of stuff but it doesn’t matter since I am still enjoying the game. Truth be told, I am just two stages before going on my FIFTH PLAYTHROUGH in ZII (completed the scenario chart 100%). You see, I ordered my copy of the game since release but since it was taking awhile and I already got hold of the PSP so I kinda got impatient… and yea ^^;. Anyway, I LOVE THIS GAME! Still haven’t finished the first game yet but oh well…

Who is suprised that my favorite Gundam in this game is Exia? >_> Anyway, a little experiment I just did with Setsuna…

– Melee stat 400 (+30 with Lelouch’s buff)

– Full 15-bar upgrade; Trans-AM at 8600

– Ace Bonus: 1.5x damage to any unit who is unfortunate enough to sport a GN drive of any sort

– Seishin: Soul and lock-on.

Vs. Alejandro “bling bling” Corner

– Full 90,600 HP

– Daunted to 50 morale


End result.

I apologize if my photos offended your eyes and here’s a demo video of Exia if you wanna see what’s going on.

Overall, I find this game to be a bit on the easy side (missed 2 SR points on first run, got all SR points with ease on every following run). Lvl.99 final boss is a joke.  Still… this game is really addicting! Like all SRW should be. Graphics are just stunning… the fluid animation here is either on par or even superior than the animations on PS2’s SRW Z. None of the youtube videos do it any justice. Even on my fourth run, I am still enjoying most of the scenarios. The only downside is that there are too many series and too little deployment spots >_<. A tri-system or partner system would’ve been nice…

Would also love to talk about the awesomeness of Shin Getter Armageddon, Gurren Lagann, Dancouga, Code Geass and co. being involved but that would stretch this post to no end. So yea, this game was partly to blame for my earlier disappearance ^^;. Can’t wait for Saisei Hen!


21 thoughts on “SRW ZII and PSP

  1. “I also managed to borrow a really beat-up PSP to play it ^^;. And I mean the PSP is REALLY beat-up…”

    Your (borrowed) PSP has nothing on mine. I mean nothing. In fact, it’s not so portable anymore since the last-half of last year… Well, unless I use it as an MP3 player. :) I require the special A/V cable that I did get long before, and when better luck comes my way, it barely becomes portable again for about 3/4ths of the screen.

    It’s probably a lost cause for you to get GvGNP, so I give up on you even trying such a fantastic game, let alone serious contenders like ACE:P or the Gundam Battle series. I mean, we could’ve possibly-yet-never check out that XLink website thing that could potentially let us play that game online against each other! Maybe you’d love handing me my mustache on a silver platter with your favorite Gundam. But that won’t be happening anytime soon, at least, so I can imagine the other way around. :P

    And yeah, we’ve been through how different our tastes are in areas (like gaming). Apparently it’s that way so far in Gunpla, too; with the only Gunpla we currently have in common being so by pure chance. *shrug*

    1. If I can make it to Japan this summer and be able to find GvG for cheap at a used game store, then I’ll pick it up.

      Actually, I can give ACE a try right now since the person I borrowed the PSP from already had the game on the card… never caught my interest though…

      1. Well, to bring some downsides for the hell of it, I thought ACE was a bit more complicated for my tastes when I finally tried it out for the first time, and the units of my interest were already available. Flying a bit to slash or blast the baddie grunt apart and repeating countless times for a few minutes while trying to learn the more sophisticated controls seem a bit less appealing to me than GvGNP where the controls are easier than Virtual On’s, sports a similar concept, and can be quite fun and challenging at times. There’s grunt killing in NEXT PLUS mode though, but the overall format of the game (and engine used) makes it better since it seems you don’t have to rocket around the stage as much.
        But that’s not to say ACE has it’s fun moments in trying to keep my newbie skills on my toes here and there. I’ve played it (and customized the music) almost as much as I have played (and customized characters in) Soulcalibur: BD, which I’ve had for a while (I prefer SC2, though). I haven’t completed ACE yet, though, and it doesn’t help that I keep going back to GvGNP. *shrug*

        I just remembered that you did like your share of action games yourself, if posts about games like GBA2 and the MvC series were of any indication, so I thought I’d nag you about GvGNP again, at least. I’m waiting for that new Gundam Memories game to come out, though. Once YT gameplay videos of it are online, I’ll see whether I’d like to get it or not.

        Funny, how I always forget about trying state-side released games like one of the Ace Combat games, or another fighting game other than Soulcalibur. My PSP is majorly Gundam or mecha-based in gaming, and yet my other consoles are almost devoid of that. Makes me wish I imported my Wii with MS Sensen 0079 or GC’s GvZG. *shrug*

  2. I’m playing that game, too… since April. And damn, it’s hard! Especially when you’re aiming for the SR Points.

    But damn… you’re Exia’s AWESOME! O_O

    1. yes, Dancouga Final joins in at stage 37 which is pretty damn late. If you are talking about Nova, they join within the first ten stages or so.

  3. Yeah, I can’t believe that some animations actually surpasses Z or OGs while this is a portable SRW game.
    And to think Banpresto’s upping the ante even more with OGs2 on PS3!! O_o

  4. Heh heh…way to carve up the prick. Yeah, ya gotta love that in many later SRWs you get to keep a bigger percentage of money, PP, etc. to more times you finish the game. It essentially gets easier with each playthrough.

    By they wan, I hear Chirico in his little Scopedog is quite the badass. In SRW history, Shou Zama in his Billvine (from the Dunbine series) holds the distinction of being the WORST TARGET EVER (as in, the guy who’s near-impossible to hit) – Chirico is said to actually surpass him.

    Anyway, kudos on finishing the game…four times going on five! I’ll probably skip buying a PSP in favor of the PS3 and wait for the eventual SRWZ2.1/2.2 PS3 compilation release with HD graphics ^_^

  5. Currently playing this game and definitely the best current SRW on PSP. The new features that let you train or use your benched characters is pretty neat. Though i am quite disappointed that SRW Z2 doesn’t retain the squad system from Z considering the number of unit in this game are too many as well.

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