1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom WISP- Legs and Waist

Just a quick update on what I got done so far since the last time.

The Hi-Nu’s legs were giving me this very odd sense of familiarity as if I’ve built it before and I know exactly why… unsurprisingly, the parts are nearly identical and assembles the same way as the HGUC Nu. Makes sense I supposed.

I must say… it is rare to see something that looks so detailed yet so plain.

If I’m not too lazy by the end of all this, I might consider painting some parts of the waist for more color. Next up are the arms.

Anyway, please keep the “bootleg” arguments/debates to a minimum. I’m all for free speech but I’m sure neither side needs to hear about it every WISP post. Save it until the actual review if you want. Thanks!


57 thoughts on “1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom WISP- Legs and Waist


    The–the legs…they look like boots.

    Ok, that was corny. Just wanted to get that outta the way.

    My local hobby store carries the Model Comprehend Hi Nu Gundoom and the earlier Nu Gundoom release, and they gave me a special reduced price deal if I bought them both, so I said, why not? Does this officially make me a pirate?

    Ahrrrrrrrrr… >;8

    What makes it even sweeter is, I’m picking both those kits up along with my 1/12 RAcaseal Elenor & MG 00 Raiser tomorrow ^_^

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