Heero and Setsuna

Does it surprise anyone that these two would get along so well? The two frequently have deep conversations with each other like the one above.

“Setsuna F. Seiei…! YOU ARE NOT GUNDAM!” (OH SNAP!)


“Then become Gundam!”

“I will… I will become Gundam!”

*after Heero self-destructed the Wing Gundam to allow everyone to escape*

Setsuna: “You are also Gundam”

Heero: “I see…”

Where is Sagara Sousuke?! xD

Anyway, here’s another funny Setsuna moment…

*After listening to Ranka’s Seikan Hikou and seeing the song’s effect on the soldiers were the same as his when he first saw Gundam*

“Is that song also… Gundam…?”




38 thoughts on “Heero and Setsuna

  1. ROFL!
    *almost dies of laughter*
    That was too good, especially with the additional hits from the comments of setsuna15 and ZD. XD

    …now I really want to spend some time on this game.

      1. With the other numbered titles in my to play list, I just might. But I have enough RL stuff to do to prevent me from that (guess my blog will continue to be less active this year at that rate). o.o

  2. This is one of the greatest things about the SRW series, which I find just as important as the kickass animations – THE STORY, and THE CHARACTERIZATIONS. It helps immensely that the entire staff working on SRW games are mecha anime fans – EACH and EVERY ONE OF THEM. Series producer Terada makes sure of that.

    They manage to weave all the storylines of every series into one coherent whole, while still keeping characterizations intact, but they still allow for how other characters influence them. It’s nothing short of brilliant.

    It’s also cool how the games caters to fans by actually IMPROVING events and scenarios to fit their respective storylines better! Case in point: in the original SRWZ, they actually made SRW SEED Destiny WORK. Yeah, you heard me right. How? By turning it’s greatest weakness into it’s greatest strength. Shin was actually TOLERABLE. Likable, even.

    And they way even dead characters who are fan favorites still get their time to shine by either staying alive through the plot, or by special actions from the player.

    Anyone who plays SRW games owes it to themselves to check out Mark Neidengard’s SRW Story Walkthroughs at GameFAQs.com, which are pretty much a close approximation for a line-by-line translation of entire games. The man is truly a Godsend to SRW fandom outside Japan.

    Common themes in SRW are in-jokes that play on characters having the same voice actors. I would LOVE to see Amuro go toe-to-toe with Ribbons in the next game! I fear for cross-dimentional implosion from the awesome, though :P

    Each and every SRW game is a love letter to anime mecha fans all over. And it’s no doubt why this is my personal favorite game series of all time.

  3. I only stumbled on Heero and Setsuna’s conversation on Chapter 19(?). If only FMP was also here… XD serious guys having odd convos. O_O

  4. Heero and Setsuna really are similar… They even have a birth/beauty mark on the same cheek… [/lame joke referring to spec on PSP screen]

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