Kamen Rider W Candy

Got this for 25 cents at the store so hey, why not give it a try. Even if you don’t like Kamen Rider, the “experiment” in this little package could still be amusing^^;

The instructions are all in Japanese but luckily, I managed to understand enough to know what to do. The two flavor, LUNA (pineapple ramune) and TORIGAA (ramune).

The tray for molding W. Attached is the “cup” which you used to pour water into the mix.

Went down to the kitchen to pour out the sugar content from the packets.It would’ve sucked if I dropped this in my room.

Within seconds of adding water to it, the powder starts hardening. I was too slow in stirring the mixture so it kinda got ruined on the back heh.

In less than a minute, the mixture turned into some sort of solid sweet tart.

Here’s my newly formed Kamen Rider W PineappleLunaRamuneTrigger. There are also different flavors aside from this one so you can create CycloneJoker, HeatMetal, CycloneTrigger, etc. Yea, that was a good way to pass five minutes of my life. The candy itself is not half bad!

“This is not Hardboiled at all…”

16 thoughts on “Kamen Rider W Candy

  1. Awesome!

    Also, this may not be relevant for this but when are you going to add other people’s gunpla model reviews?

  2. Did you get these at Uwajimaya?

    I thought they would be extremely expensive… Didn’t check price.
    Btw, did you see any other Gundam related misc. in Uwajimaya? I haven’t visited there recently. I might go tomorrow :P

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