Hi-Nu Gundoom WISP: Arms, Rifle and Shield

Even though I am finally done with my finals, I still cannot chillax. It just means that I now have the time to take care of other things such as catching up with friends, dealing with miscellaneous errands, keeping my health in check, work my butt off to save up for my ultimate trip… and build Gunpla with a vengeance. Of course, I have to finish this project before I can do any real “Gunpla” haha… Anyway, the arms for the Gundoom are finished. I like how the model includes four pairs of hands!

Beam Rifle and shield were finished just now as well. Simple assembly that took no longer than 10 minutes. What’s left: Bazooka, head, and the dreaded fin funnels. Oh yea, and applying the waterslides.

Here is a height comparison with the 1/144 Nu for anyone who cares.

More to come later. Since I’ll be taking summer courses starting next week, I’ll try to finish and review this sucker before then.



31 thoughts on “Hi-Nu Gundoom WISP: Arms, Rifle and Shield

  1. Wow it looks great! The detail from the panel-lines looks quite a bit more “intense” than it’s Bandai predecessor. The rifle looks a bit dull though, maybe you could add some silver to it for some more cosmetic effect? xD

    Oh and as a side note, I’ve just received my MG Astray Red Frame Kai, what do you propose I do first? Panel lines? Decals? Paint a bit more of my SD GP02A? Help!

    1. The Nu is officially taller than the hi-nu but but this is model is obviously not to scale despite the 1/144 mark. Not to mention, this is not even the Hi-Nu Gundam xD

  2. You should add some more color to the Beam Rifle. It looks ridiculously white. How have you been doing with your money saving for Japan trip. I was for sure that you’re gonna bail out after the Tsunami.

  3. NOW that’s a LOT of detail going on there. You have a good progress, take your time as always. Oh, you will need to save some moolah for your trip, wish you luck. (Waiting for japan trip pics)

      1. …But you’re going to limit your freedom a little more! We didn’t expect the transition between school and summer trip would involve such constant interruptions! We were expecting a new MG every month by now! You have enough by this time! A-a-and yet… You’re…

        Ah, hell. As if anticipating your posts as if it were the second-half of May again is much of an excuse to keep me from finishing up my review finally. :P At least it’s expected of me (by the one or two that do know me) to just not get around to ’em and needing little excuse.

        Anyway, have you planned when you’re going out yet? Have you yet to know? Or would the trip be something just basically winged (outside of knowing where to go)?

        1. It seems like it will be winged… That’s just how my friends are.

          and I’m all for someone to clone me for the purpose of building gundam models.

  4. I’m surprised that the emblems on the left shoulder and the shield are not like the Nu version where its embedded on the part and has a 3D effect on it… all you need is color the thing red to look better..

    but I have to admit It does look sleeker and a bit of panel lining hell hahaha

  5. pretty cool for a remodel design kit not by bandai !

    anyways, have you seen the new Gundam AGE series, and the new unknown gundam project to be announced later this month?
    personally, i feel the AGE’s design to be not to my taste. they most likely using AGE to bring in the younger gen to the gundam world, so as to continue the “gundam spirit”. after all, the older fans will disappear one day.

  6. Yea, i heard the announcement of Gundam AGE (who could’ve missed it?). Not gonna post about it though… not yet at least. No need to start a riot here too… ^^;

    1. I got tired of the instant riot when it happened and just didn’t bother joining in any blog’s comments. Mecha Talk seemed good enough a place to do that sorta thing without the Internet equivalent of destroying cars as if a local town’s Basketball (or Soccer/Football) team won/lost. And my own new blog with an audience of two. I should have a bit of an optimist feeling the win-part of the riot aspect might surface when we near the next announcement of this month, but that goes against my unfortunate nature of anticipating the opposite of that. *shrug* Even if nobody read it on my aforementioned blog (that’s not an obligatory reference/plug; I’ll do enough of that when I have something substantive to post), I probably should’ve kept my mouth shut about the reaction, even if it just strikes a nerve.

      That reminds me… I need to stop racing against CPU (therefore making sure the $50 put into MKW wasn’t put to waste; and it isn’t by any means), put down my controller, snap a few final photos, and find out how the hell I’m going to organize my FLAT review. Maybe hold people off with a secondary (and smaller) review of something I just got in the mail. *shrug*

  7. Take your time on the “Gundoom”! Even though I am not getting one, I am curious to see your review on this. Lots of panel lining here and there, but it looks like that you’re enjoying building this!

    1. Yea, the build is actually simple and a breeze… but that is offset by the amount of work you have to put in for the panel lines ^^;. Just a bit longer, Q!

  8. Been working on one of these for a friend as well, painting it with a Nu GUndam color layout. Sucks the stock white of the kit is a little bit more of an off-white which means I get to paint aaaaaaall the white on the kit. It’s certainly a nice model though.

    1. A hi… Nu Gundam? awesome! Man, I can’t wait to see yours! It’s gonna kick so much ass… good thing I’ll most likely be done with mine before yours is shown so I don’t look so bad xD

      1. The speed I’ve been finishing things lately, it’s definitely no challenge to be done before I am haha. It’s definitely looking good though, I should be working on the blacks and reds sometime soon so aside from a few more white areas it’ll be finished up within a few weeks.

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