Hi-Nu Gundoom WISP- Finished… Almost.

I must say… I was quite thrilled to be through with the panel line hell that was the Fin Funnels. This model has more panel lines than the RX-78-2 OYW. THAT IS A LOT! Now I just have to take care of the head (must be last because I need to topcoat it before putting it together since the helmet is one whole piece), apply the waterslide decals and topcoat the entire model then on to the photoshoot.

I was thinking of ditching those propellant tanks but they actually serve as support! There is no way this hi-nu can stand peacefully with all that weight on its back. Them funnels weigh a ton… especially if they stick out from the back like that (leverage).Oh yea, I did a sloppy job on the tanks so gonna have to do some touch up before I topcoat.

Just doing a test fit to spot issues and see how the parts are under load and play. So far so smooth…

This is the last WISP post for the Gundoom until the review comes out.



47 thoughts on “Hi-Nu Gundoom WISP- Finished… Almost.

  1. Nicely done on the tanks- they’re the last real big area I have left to do aside from masking off some areas on the feet, funnels and knees for yellow detailing: http://i53.tinypic.com/euegkw.jpg

    It’s a commission build so I haven’t had anything concerning it up on the blog, but I have found it to be an enjoyable build.

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