Gunpla Chat 06- Seven Sword Edition

This post will only be about one topic because nothing else matters at the moment ^^;. Announced for September! MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G! G… Meaning it will come with the rather awesome GN Sword II Blaster (it is not shown but the text in the upper left corner said it will be included). My excitement is only lessened a bit by the fact that I have been expecting it since MG 00 Raiser’s announcement. Just didn’t expect that it would follow the 00 Raiser so soon… only three months after its release! Here my thoughts:

– The GN Katars are looking sharp! Same with the GN Sword II’s. I would think the original spatulas are also included but I wouldn’t miss them if they are not… >_>

– I am not worried about any side balance issues because as you can see, the tip of the blade can actually touch the ground to provide support.

– The hands though… might be worrisome. From what I’ve seen, MG 00 Raiser’s hands are connected to the arms just by a rod (WTF?). Pic below:

Yes, the rod design makes for easy swapping but damn, it looks disastrous for holding heavy weapons. I don’t trust these hands… they look like they can become loose and fall off.

But I really hope the hands won’t fall off if it is holding the GN Buster Sword like the way it does above.  I would be pissed.

Steve Jobs: “Just avoid holding it that way”

– At ~5775 yen, the 7S is a good ~1000 yen cheaper than the MG 00 Raiser. A cheaper price for a cooler model? Oh hell yea!

– I am guessing the GN Buster Sword would weigh less than Blue Frame’s Tactical Arm… so the model should be able to wield it without any significant problem.

– This is an awesome replacement for those who didn’t/couldn’t get to pick up the Metal Build 00 Seven Sword.

– Since there are no Wing Binders, maybe it will only fit 3 LED units? Unless Bandai also fits one in the GN Buster Sword but it would have to be a different shape though. It would be neat but I’m not sure if I would like the extra weight…

– I’ll be keeping a very close eye on the development of this MG.

– MG Blue Frame vs. MG 7Sword Omake! WHO’S UP FOR IT?! :D

Here’s something I didn’t expect. SD Seven Sword?! It’s all win but the one part that fails are the arms- they are not bendable (no jointed elbows).

Now I have three MGs in my “future GET” list: Deathscythe Hell Custom, Epyon, and now 00 Seven Sword. ^^;


For those who absolutely MUST see the GN Sword II Blaster.

I’ll take it in gray… just like this. Please!

images from Gundam Guy and from Gaijin Gunpla’s MG 00 Raiser review. And for those who’ve missed it, my HG 1/144 00 7 Sword/G review.


68 thoughts on “Gunpla Chat 06- Seven Sword Edition

  1. hm…have you heard that there’s going to be an MG Ksatria..BUT, it’ll need a metal frame…
    also there’s also an MG Delta Gundam, PG Unicorn, oh and the most epic one, MG V2 GUNDAM{without it’s AB forms}

    all of those stuffs are still in process..the MG V2 Gundam is what I’m expection probably around 2 or 3 more months until it’s released…watch the review on

    1. Whoa, whoa..first, the MG Kashtriya is not being produced. They made a demo of it, but because it requires a Metal Frame for balance, they scrapped it. You can always hope for a Resin kit though. MG Delta is on hold until after the Hyakushiki 2.0, and the PG Unicorn was scrapped a while back. Bandai stated the cost of production didn’t justify the risk to produce it.

      So, the V2 is on its way, but that’s about it.

      Frankly, yet another 00 MG is a bit much if you ask me, but meh…I’m waiting for X, which will never happen so I’m out of luck either way.

    2. All the models you mentioned are pretty much in development hell. They are not confirmed for release. It’s just that Bandai has toyed with the possibility and business plans with them. The only one that is close to confirmation on that list is the V2 (Delta already confirmed).

      1. If I’m not mistaken, Ryuto says Delta Gundam, not Delta plus. If Hyaku Shiki 2.0 is going to be released, I’ll be happiest person! Side by side with Delta Gundam, thet wil look great together! I wish they would make MG Akatsuki too…

        1. iirc it was supposed to be if MG Delta Plus and MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 both sell well, then they will try MG Delta Gundam

  2. Curious…in the first photo, the entire model is a prototype. However, since the MG 00 Raiser already came out, shouldn’t Bandai only need to make the Seven Sword add-on parts? …but I don’t think anyone believes Bandai will make a new 00 mold just for the 7S. xP

    1. hmmm,.. as I noticed, the resin/prototype has two colors, the dark grey is the one from the MG Gundam 00 Raiser, while the light colored resin parts are the new parts that is developed by for 7 swords, they didn’t create a new mold, its just a re-used mold

    2. It’s probably just the old MG 00 prototype. If nothing else, it serves as a marketing ploy that makes it look like a “new model”.

  3. oo yea… count me in :) I skip and sort of hating oo raiser setup. My oo and o raiser are divorced and live in the different shelves :p But for oo seven sword wow… I definitely pick it up. And this moment, I’m looking forward for figma miku, rockman zero (and of course d-arts second zero), and this mg.

  4. the pegs for the hands remind me of figma hands.. where if you are not careful it will break.

    I’m pretty sure this is whole lot better than the HG, with the added gimmicks and so and I must wonder what other plans Bandai has for this guy..

    and yea who doesn’t want to see a clash of the Astray’s TA with 00’s Buster Sword?? :D

    1. The figma hands are long and thin so I guess they are easier to break that way whereas MG 00’s hands seem to have a thicker connection rod, albeit a shorter one. The short part I feel could be the potential problem. Well, I wouldn’t know whether it really is a problem or not since I don’t have MG 00R ^^;

    1. I’d say having announced it so soon is actually NICE, because those who waited wouldn’t have to wait very long now ^_^

  5. I was seriously contemplating getting the mg 00 raiser, good thing I didn’t. I wonder if we’ll ever see an addon for the 00 quanta MG for the gn sword IV?

  6. How sad… I already have a clear full-blown omake planned out for the MG 7S and I still haven’t got a clue on what to do about MG ReZEL and the Gundoom… orz.

    1. Well, they both have beam swords, right? I mean, I’m disappointed the melee weapons of choice for Gundoom aren’t brass knuckles for the manipulators and a gigantic chainsaw (hint, hint)… But you seem to be able to think of something. Maybe have the ReZEL freak out over fin funnel usage while clashing swords, or something? *shrug*

        1. Wow… I thought I was obvious enough in that pun. I mean, the last several times I tried that in previous Gundoom blog entries of yours, I did. I mean, am I the only one in the entire Gunpla community that plays first-person shooters? :P

          1. i got the pun, even though i’ve only ever seen the box of the game lol.
            i play fps, your not alone, just not horror and extremely gore filled ones…

    1. just but both. since gunpla is not your usual limited stuff, then it can wait. But as for me, I will take the7sword then the 00 raiser later, much much later

  7. I saw this on other forums, very excited about such an early release of 007S/G, I had little to no interest in picking up MG 00 Raiser and now I’m definitely not getting it.

    00 w/ over weight backpack spam vs 00 with more awesome melee weapons…not a hard decision.

  8. I’m pleasantly surprised by the MG 00 7S/G’s announcement too, and only 3 months behind 00 Raiser!! I definitely must get this along the MG Delta Plus! And Kotobukiya’s Jehuty plamo!!

  9. I have a MG 00 raiser, and the hand doesn’t fall out as much as you think. it’s more a matter of the hand falling apart

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