Gunpla Chat 06B- Other Gundam Things

I need to stop looking at reviews of the MG Epyon. The more I look at this Gundam, the more I am tempted to jump the sword. So far, photos from reviews have been rather unsatisfying so far (weak poses and the sword being cut off from the photos) but Hacchaka did a pretty nice job showing the glory of Epyon. I like this shot! I wonder if my red Real Touch Gundam Marker will work on Epyon’s nubmarks?

Ahh… the MG Delta+!  I have yet to see it in action (still need to watch UC episode 3) but I am already attracted to its color scheme and sleek design. Grayscale units always get my love. But… is that ball joints I see connecting the legs to the waist? Please don’t be! I am afraid it has the same setup as the ReZEL. If that is the case, then its poseability will be down the toilet (the uppermost right photo of it just “floating” there is not helping). The MG ReZEL is probably the most solid transformable model to date but it can’t really pull off any decent poses so I hope the Delta can do better.

“U CRAZY B!#$%!” version of Nobel Gundam for september release. Sweet o_o. It seems like the only thing that changed is the hair… and maybe a lighter Trans-Am color of some sort haha. Personally, I think I’ll stick with the regular version of Nobel if I could ever get around to picking it up along with God and Shining. That wild hair is cool but sorta creeps me out… xD

At first, I thought “damn, that’s some awesome photo perspective on the Shining finger!” and then I realized… “OH DAMN, THE SHINING FINGER REALLY IS THAT BIG!”. That’s it… this Shining is officially better than its older MG counterpart >_>. ARGHH! Why must it be so awesome?! I want this now!

Now onto some more pressing matter. I’ve found these images on the Gundam-eclipse forum as I was searching google for photos of this particular flaw. Have any of you ordered a MG Deathscythe Hell like a few months after its initial release? If so, does the faceplate still have the deformity like  someone punched it in the nose area as shown above?

My favorite Gundam… and it gets a mushed “nose” for its MG treatment -_-. I can’t live with this! Nor am I skilled enough to fix it. I won’t be picking this up until I know for a fact this error is fixed otherwise I’ll just have to be satisfied with the regular MG Deathscythe (OH THE IRONY!! I’m sure at least one of you will know what I’m talking about). The face on the regular Deathscythe is fine. Of course, I can always order a spare Deathscythe Ver. EW face plate for the Custom if I’m THAT anal  about details (which I am) but I also don’t like the fact that I have to pay Bandai extra to fix something they screwed up on. /rant

Images are once again from GG. Also, congratulations to him and his family on his newborn baby! :D

I’ll be posting a couple of new Gundam 4komas I thought up soon :)


35 thoughts on “Gunpla Chat 06B- Other Gundam Things

  1. Whoa, about the D-Hell, I check mine as soon as I read this post. I haven’t assembled the model yet because of the other model project. But I checked the parts and the face looks just fine. I think I’m going to inform you about the face as soon as I finished the model.

  2. I saw an MG Epyon at the shop I usually buy my Gunplas from, I hesitated at first :| when I finally decided “stuff it, I’m gonna get it”, it was sold… QQ,

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