G Gundam Cantonese Songs

The concept of G Gundam is very unique. The Gundam Fight, the Mobile Trace system, the characters, and the power of love+hotblood>>>evil all makes the series very original compared to the rest. There’s also one other thing that is unique to G Gundam- OFFICIAL Canto-pop songs! Straight from Neo Hong Kong!

Flying in the Sky in Cantonese. It sounds just as good as the Japanese version! The lyrics are just as hotblooded too (if you can understand it).

Okay, this song is hilarious. The first minute is some nonsense about how your loss is just too great if you have never tried these dishes in HK, lost with the map but can’t speak english, taxi hijinks, and expensive shopping sprees. Basically… a song about beautiful sighseeing in HK xD

I can totally see this song being used in an early 90’s HK movie. The style and voice brings back some nostalgia for me haha…

The Sekiha Tenkyoken debut song if I remember correctly. It’s been forever since I last watched G Gundam. Same level of hotblood as Flying in the Sky.

I wonder who the male singer is in these songs; he sounds a bit like Leon Lai. Anyway, yea… Cantopop songs in an anime series. It’s awesome enough for me haha.


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