Gunpla Chat 07

I could write a post about how my summer courses went but that would be lame for a “I’m back!” post. The above photo figuratively describes my current state in Gunpla- a mess. So it’s been a week since I’ve completed my three condensed courses for the summer and I am still just stumped on getting back into this hobby. At first, I thought I could just dive right back in where I left off, crack a few plastics, and polish off one model a week like I did last year around this time but… my head is just blank. Guess it is tougher than I thought to shake off the rust. Yes, I still owe you all the Hi-Nu Gundoom review… the one that should’ve been finished two months ago. It will be done before the end of the month. Count on it this time. For now… please let me just ease my way back into blogging… ^^;

Not only was I out of this blog for awhile, but I was also out of the loop from the entire Gunpla hobby/community. Within that time, a few kits have came out already. If the above is really the HGFC, then it is at least the same if not better than the MG in appearance but definitely exceeds it in articulation. Not to mention the HG has the GIANT SHINING FINGER… Gawd, I want that so bad…

Quick MG Shining for comparison. VERY similar right!?


The MG Delta Plus also came out while I was away. I haven’t gotten around to reading any reviews yet but saw a few photos… is it pretty much like the MG ReZEL?

I think Gundam UC has like the best grunt units; the designs are cool and memorable, the color schemes are relatively unique, and they actually look threatening and capable. So far, I have not been disappointed at or shrugged off any of the MS designs from UC. Pretty awesome that the Jesta is finally getting its gunpla spotlight.

RG Freedom? AND a Metal Build Freedom?! YES PLEASE. As much as I hate Kira and the Strike Freedom, I actually kinda do like the Freedom as far as non-sword-wielding Gundams go. I think I am actually more happy for the fact that it is Freedom, and NOT STRIKE FREEDOM that is getting this treatment… though I’m sure the latter will follow soon enough. I hope the wings aren’t too brittle; the MG Freedom’s wings were so thin and long that they were easy to warp, snap or bend.

What’s this? Sword Impulse Beginning Gundam?

MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam?! AWWWWWWW YEAAAAH! Actually, no… I was never a fan of the green psycoframe nor the tacked on artillery. So where exactly is the “full armor”? The whole gundam looks like a Heavy Arms lite in this setup. Mmm… Unicorn Gundam Heavy Arms Kai…

Ah yes… the glorious 7Sword… I don’t have to say too much on this since all of you knows how I feel already^^;. Importing Gunpla has become a major PITA since the USD value keeps falling against the yen on a regular basis. I remember when 1 usd = 110 yen and Gunpla from Japan was a bargain even with EMS shipping! Now? 76! A 6000 yen worth of Gunpla can suddenly almost cost $100 after shipping. Luckily I have enough to last me until midlife at the pace I’ve been going…

Nothing special but here’s my next project… It’s been awhile so I would like to take it easy first before jumping back into Master Grades.

More post to come later…


42 thoughts on “Gunpla Chat 07

  1. glad that you came back to blogging once again z. You have been misssed. But at least your work is over for now. Oh and I will wait for the metal build and real grade freedom this year (the metal build sounds expensive as hell, but oh yeah). Maybe we could wait for the perfect grade hehe

  2. Don’t forget that the HGFC Shining Gundam also comes with it’s own oversized Shining Finger effect part and the SHINING FINGER SWORD!! – two gimmicks even the MG didn’t have.

    How could you mention Master Gundam and not Fuunsaiki? I’m itching to try out what other HGs will be able to ride that horse.

    The RG Freedom is very welcome news, especially because the kit has all of it’s equipment, it’s the only other iteration of the Freedom other than the Master Grade that can pull off the full Hi-Mat mode money shot, it’s articulation is BETTER than the dated MG, and it retails for the same price as the other RGs at 2500 Yen!

    The Jesta is wicked cool. Reserved a pre-order at my local hobby store for it, as well as some other HGs. It’s designed to be the support unit for the Unicorn Gundam, and it’s design reflects this – it has elements of the Unicorn it it’s armor and even some of the Delta Plus.

    Speaking of the Delta Plus, it’s pretty much what the Hyaku Shiki would have been (Delta Gundam), and it transforms based on the original Zeta design, while the ReZEL is more like a evolution of the ReGZ with the transformation engineering of the Methuss.

    I’m a little surprised that it’s taken this long for a MG Full Armor Unicorn to be announced, but I suppose it needed a bit of planning. While much of it’s equipment already exists in kit form (Bandai only needs to mold a pair of thrusters and various missile launchers), I get the feeling that the MS itself may have to be modified a little, as I doubt the Unicorn was designed to support back-heavy equipment. In fact, I’ll be willing to be the kit will HAVE to come with a stand of some sort to support everything.

    As for the MG Gundam 00 Seven Sword/G…I can’t wait for it! I already have the previous 00 MG, but the Gundam 00 is such a well-designed Master Grade that I can’t help myself.

  3. Maybe I should clarify my bit on the MG Delta Plus… I was saying it seems like the MG ReZEL in terms of its Gunpla traits: it has a good amount of articulation but it is still not able to pull off any decent action poses no thanks to the transformation gimmick. In other words, you can’t really have too much fun posing the Delta Plus like you could with a non-transforming Gunpla.

    1. I agree with you for this one, the transformable MS like DElta Plus or Victory Gundam usually has constraints for dynamic posing matter… Especially the thigh can’t spread too far, or obstructing parts behind the knees etc etc…
      But well, sometime they look good by only just standing aren’t they?

      1. Gunpla can look good while just standing, and I have a few of ’em on display like that. But in my view, what good are they if you don’t take advantage of the gimmick of their articulation? My GFF Wing–a figure in a lineup many claim (and I’m sure) is a mainly-for-display figure–is using my Action Base to be displayed more dynamically. Plus, I’m sure I’ll be using it (and my other figures and Gunpla) in the future for taking pictures of them in poses beyond just standing, whether for reviewing or for fun.

      2. I love my models to be just standing there actually; I think it’s the best pose. However, it does limit the photography session a bit… ^^;

        1. I only have ONE spot in my office (which is in my own home) to display my kits – all other space on the shelves is taken up by STORED kits & DVDs. So I usually change the featured kit/pose the same way one would change a PC’s wallpaper. And they are NEVER in a plain standing pose no matter how intimidating it may look. I want my mechs to MOVE (in a sense).

          I guess this is why I value articulation above most all else in a kit’s features, and why I love lean, lanky proportions on humanoid mechs.

      3. Well, there are several way to enjoy the beauty of the gunplas aren’t they. :D
        And “maybe” that’s why Bandai made so many variation of the gunplas… :D

  4. Welcome back Z! …yeah, I’m also interested in getting the HGFC Shining and Master. So gonna have to relive those scenes when I do though! =D

    “The east is burning red!”

  5. Got myself a Delta Plus for approx $56 (4500yen) including shipping to my front door, hehhehhehheh :D
    FYI my country’s currency is currently rising against yours, but kinda falling against japan’s, but the price was still very good IMO.
    Btw I think the Delta Plus (mine’s still unassembled) has better-looking wave rider mode compared to ReZEL.
    Also, Welcome back, Z!

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