A Whole Lot of Food…

While my gunpla activity came to a screeching halt, my gluttony hobby didn’t. Here’s a 2-ish month worth of backlog of food photos I took during my absence. You’ve been warned…

(Hey, I gotta drop these on you sooner or later)

The best brownies I ever had.

My favorite Thai restaurant near my former university. I haven’t been here in ages.

Oh I love Thai food. Especially spicy Thai food, do you? My favorite here: Pad See Ew!

Crabmeat fried rice. With REAL crabmeat! This plate is definitely going down as my favorite fried rice!

See that chunk of crab meat?! :D

I don’t know my Thai curries though. This is red? green? Penang? Probably yellow ;)

Always nice to try some place new though…

Thai iced tea. wish restaurants would not add so much sugar to it…

Forgot the name… Dragonflies? Basically shrimp wrapped in spring roll wrappers then deep fried.

Pineapple fried rice w/ shrimp.

My other favorite: Pad kee mao.

Made tea eggs at home. Normally, one lets the eggs soak in the tea seasoning with the shells cracked but not peeled. I took the extra step and peeled the eggs so the eggs can soak up all the tea flavor. Sure it is not as aesthetically pleasing but hey, it is still good!

The tea seasoning usually consists of black tea, brown sugar, anise, cinnamon, soy sauce, bits of pepper, five spice and whatever it’s to your preference. Gotta let the eggs bathe in the tea overnight for full flavor!

Now we move on to homemade Vietnamese food (from my friend).

It’s been so long that I forgot the name of the two dishes we had… ^^;

Chicken rice?

Spring rolls…

Mix said rolls with rice noodles, veggies, and sauce then proceed to om nom nom!

Can’t go wrong with clams… Just recently, I been having clams for dinner on a weekly basis and I am still not sick of it yet @.@

Easiest. Recipe. Ever. Sake-cooked clams! Toast some garlic, dump the clams, pour some sake, wait till the clams open up, add some peppers and green onion and enjoy!

This was so easy to make, it shouldn’t even be considered cooking… AND it is DELICIOUS!

On to Japanese food…

The gyoza looks good but… maa-maa desu.

Friend treated me to sushi here so that’s all I ordered ^^;

Wish to try some of their nabe dishes sometimes too…

This was my plate actually…

Went all the way out to Hillsboro to try out this izakaya…


Cold beer, hot tea, edamame, cozy Japanese decors, all the works of an izakaya atmosphere…

First up! SABA MISO! First heard this from Kamen Rider Kabuto; Tendou was all over it so I got curious to try it when I saw it on the menu. Now that I have… I’m all over it!

My friend is obsessed with okonomiyaki…

Chef’s special

We couldn’t decide for sushi so we let the chef take charge (omakase)


Seared beef. This stuff is raw… pretty much beef sashimi. I liked it :D


Grilled saba

Ah yes… bacon wrapped scallops. Bacon goes with everything!

Grilled to perfection… These are huge actually!


Cool shape… I forgot what veggie was this ^^;.

Seafood chahan. My first time having Japanese fried rice. Light yet flavorful… I think I prefer Chinese fried rice more though ^^;.

I think my friend’s homemade curry taste the best even compared to the restaurant’s. You just can’t beat good homemade stuff, you know?

Fact: I never had spinach before until this dish. And it was full of yums. Also cooked by my friend.

It’s nice to have friends who can cook ^^;. Spend less, eat better. That’s it for the photo dump.

I am starving now…


20 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Food…

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    So much food. I’m green jello. I haven’t been able to eat out much this summer with loads of things coming up. Man it’s just been sandwiches and sandwiches and sandwiches everyday.

      1. Nah… all my money tend to like to invest themselves in small indulgences like bubble tea, curry fish balls, ice cream waffles(Asian kind) and buying things for girlfriend. She says: “You spend the monies on me so you will have no monies to eat pho every other day and get fat.” Life has been tough without ready access to pho. D:

    1. I don’t know the exact address to any of them but… that’s why I took a photo of the actual restaurants too. You can punch the name in google maps or yelps and the rest is simple! Go there and eat!

  2. I really hungry now after i saw those yummy foods. I love fried rice, I also love the sake-cooked clams! Toast some garlic, dump the clams, pour some sake, wait till the clams open up, add some peppers and green onion. Really love seafoods and its delicious.

  3. “I am starving now…”

    Karma for all the times you’ve made my mouth water with your damned food posts.

    I just ate and yet this is still making me hungry >_>

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