PG Strike Freedoms

Gunpla is art; with creativity, one can use Gunpla to express themselves artistically in many ways. Above is one such example. An emotional work of art. I’m not even Japanese and I felt this work uplifted my spirit and boosted my morale. I won’t spoil anything so you can check out this masterpiece in all its courageous glory over at Gaijin Gunpla’s blog.

Lupes has certainly outdone himself once again with his Strike Freedom. The guy certainly know how to pick his blues- his Sinanju, ReZEL, now the SF. All have amazing shades of blue. Another electrifying work of art. You can check out his gallery here. Busterbeam is about to be done with his and I can’t wait to see it…

I’m not posting about these gunplars simply because of their amazing work, but because they are able to pull off such amazing work in the midst of their busy lives and with a deadline! Therefore, I have no excuse to not even be able to tackle a measly MG out of the box. No excuse! 申し訳ない!

I felt something ignited within me after seeing these work of theirs… my Gunpla flame perhaps?


19 thoughts on “PG Strike Freedoms

  1. Awesome works of art!!! However, one thing I have noticed is that with all those grunt kits like the GMs, Jegans, and the upcoming Jesta, I haven’t seen anyone do a Halo themed gundam. Maybe I shall be the first………..

  2. lol Gunpla flame… reckon it is smiliar to the seed exploding in G.Seed’s coordinators. I suppose the next kit that Lupes might be doing might be Wu Fei’s White Knight Epyon Gundam which is also white and blue in its colour scheme.

  3. Hey Z, about that deadline… Today’s the last day of the month… <_<

    You remember your promise, don't you? … Don't you?

  4. To be honest, I normally don’t go over to the GG website. My last couple of visits were straight to the gallery some time back, since the work is generally good. It’s actually in terms of the reviews compared to others. For a variety of reasons which I may or may not go into later, I think there’s had a hint of being a bit down-putting or discouraging.

    But the reason I choose not to go into it now is because–despite the above paragraph–I’m not here to comment on not being very fond of an aspect or two of the GG website. I’m here to comment on how wonderful an exception it is to visit there now, given what Syd has done with the PG Strike Freedom. I can totally see how inspiring it looks, and it should bring a warmer heart to those who see it and get the message that this work of Gunpla–no, this work of art–is giving. With SF here given the symbol of the rising sun and having it stand tall against whatever disaster has happened… It just has to be a welcoming optimistic message for the future.

    The others did a great job too, even Lupes. But I can see why Syd’s work of art made it first on this entry. I may not have been someone adamantly against Strike Freedom the MS design, but I haven’t been partial towards it either. But it’s a great choice in using the PG SF for a work of art designed to bring an optimistic feeling in all of us, especially for those in Touhoku. I hope at least someone over there can see it and become inspired.

    Wonderful work, Syd.

  5. i can always tell when i’ve been linked on your blog, Z. My traffic always winds up being a lot more for that particular day, haha. Thanks for the shoutouts, and Syd’s SF is in a tier all it’s own with it’s inspirational theme.

  6. I’ve been working on mine for 4 months now…nearly done with the mods, just gotta paint and make a mind blowing base. In a way, the thread in the Australia forum has kept me going.

  7. Will you guys forgive me if I said the reason the Hi-Nu Gundoom review is delayed a little because I went way overboard with the photos again? ^^;;

    *prepares to take a beating*

    1. Well, anyone who are certain about anything can be wrong. And you didn’t promise to these impatient people that it’d be out by August 31st, so they’re not on certain ground to pummel you on the head over. But then, a certainty is a promise today, I guess. I didn’t think the new decade brought over a redefined English vocabulary. :P I guess that’s why I always leave a margin for error or never promise anything when it comes to things like this (and perhaps in general, to some extent). So there’s no pressure for me to finish my next model, at least! :)

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