California, Here I Come!

For one too many reasons, my plan to go to Japan this summer went down the drain. In return, I am going on a road trip to California with my friends instead. Not a bad trade off considering that I still get to leave Oregon ^^;.

We’re gonna mainly hit up Six Flags then San Francisco afterward. It’ll be my first time visiting both places. San Francisco! CHINATOWN! JAPANTOWN! TIME TO EAT! ^o^ Oh I’m so going to eat with a vengeance…

Anyone here lives in the Bay Area and can point out some great Chinese (preferably Cantonese) restaurants? Be it dim sum, seafood, or noodles… I just want some ideas. I kinda don’t trust Yelp… Oh yea! And where’s a good place to pick up Gundam models at a decent price in Chinatown or Japantown? Maybe I can finally hunt down a few on my to-get list…

I’ll bring my laptop with me so hopefully I can find time to update at the hotel or something. Even though I might be gone (again), the Gundoom review will be done tomorrow (Saturday)… I SWEAR TO GOD GUNDAM! >:D


29 thoughts on “California, Here I Come!

  1. *chuckle* Oh, go–um… I’ll just moan. “I swear to God Gundam”? I don’t know why, but I never realized the potential for puns with GG in that fashion. :) And some people still prefer to use “Burning” and “Dark” instead? :P

    I didn’t think you’d want to manage your blog in some way during your vacation, but I’ll take it as a bonus, whether it’d be on some uncommon occasion or just once. But enjoy your trip, Z.

  2. Ha! You’re coming over to CA?! Sure as hell hope you have a good time…there honestly isn’t much to see in Japantown (AKA Little Tokyo), although there are a plenthora of restaurants in the main square.

    I think you’ll enjoy ChinaTown a bit more. That place is always bustling with people; hard to get around, really. You should easily spot the place with all the vendors selling clothes and whatnot; if you go all the way to the back area, where the outside vendors hit the inside of a building, you’ll find a lanky asian fellow selling a good amount of Gunpla there; he runs the store with his mother, I think. I’ve brought from him numerous times. ^^; There aren’t that many places around selling Gunpla, but if you keep an eye peeled you’ll find a few. Beware of knock-offs, though. They’re known to haunt some of the Chinese vendors. O_O

    Dunno how deep into CA you guys are really planning to go, but there’s a small city on the map called “Monterey Park” that has some pretty good Chinese resteraunts. My family eats there all the time.

    Hope you enjoy your time here! :D

  3. Go to japantown collectibles in japantown, best selection ever! And the bookshop around the corner from it sells dengenki hobby! Two in one! That shop is my salvation when visiting San Francisco! But if you go through Sacramento, go to Riverside Hobbies. They have a nice selection too. Enjoy my half-homestate!

  4. Although there are two huge Gunpla model shops in San Francisco (one in Japantown and Sun Entertainment in Chinatown), the prices are not reasonable enough to warrant a purchase.

    There is a neighborhood between Japantown and Chinatown called the Tenderloin. It’s a moderately shady neighborhood at night (as in homeless and druggies roam the streets), but it is also home to Little Saigon. In addition to being the epicenter of great Vietnamese food, Little Saigon also has a couple of Thai and Chinese restaurants in close vicinity. You should check it out.

  5. What day will you be visiting San Francisco’s Japantown? It would be awesome if we could hang out for a bit on that day. XD

    Japantown has a somewhat hidden hobby store where they sell gunpla, other plamo and some figures. Although selection-wise, they don’t have a lot in my opinion. But they are pretty much the only store.

    As for Chinese restaurants, I have never been to San Francisco’s Chinatown, but if you guys cross the bridge into Oakland’s Chinatown, there are plenty of restaurants here, almost too much actually.

    1. I will be visiting SF’s Japantown most likely on Tuesday. What time it would be? I have no idea since I am not the one driving. It would be nice to say what’s up in person!

  6. If you’re gonna be hitting up Chinatown, make sure to stop by Sun Entertainment. They have probably the biggest selection of Gundam in the North Bay. Japantown Collectables sucks compared to this place, since they sell alot more than just Gundam, their selection is pretty meager. Have a look at Sun Entertainment’s Yelp page, you can see how wide of a selection they have;

    1. Also, beware of dim sum in Chinatown, most of the places there make it wayyyy to greasy and tends to make the rest of your day not so fun… just a heads up haha

    1. America. It’s a pretty dead giveaway: “My plan to go to Japan this summer went down the drain.”
      Not only that: “Not a bad trade off considering that I still get to leave Oregon ^^;.”

      Oregon pride.

  7. Zhi, when are you leaving (or, if you get this after you left, when did you leave)?
    If you haven’t left, TAKE ME WITH CHUUUUUU!

    1. I read about that place and it does sound good… but I wonder if we’ll have room for it in our plans. I want to see if their Chicken wings live up to the hype.

      I think I’ll be only be in SF on Tuesday… like the whole day. We’ll just be around Japantown and Chinatown.

      1. I read about that place and it does sound good… but I wonder if we’ll have room for it in our plans. I want to see if their Chicken wings live up to the hype.
        We’ll be in SF the whole day on Tuesday, touring the spots like Chinatown, Japantown, and whatever my friends like to do. We don’t know any particular places or have any specific time (since I’m not the one driving), it’s kinda hard for me to coordinate where I’ll be at any given moment. If you’re hanging around a certain area that day at a certain time, I can keep my eyes out for it.

    1. Haha, take some good rests! Were you able to say hi to a few people? I couldn’t make it to SF today but I hope you had fun.
      What do you think of Japantown?

  8. Sorry to hear that your body is sore lol. And sorry that I couldn’t meet up anywhere you were going. I was stuck in Physiology Lab, can’t get out of it. But I hope you had a blast in SF!

  9. Hope you enjoyed your trip :) I used to live (when I was 3 to 4 years old) in Oregon, quite near to crater lake and my parents used to make me sit in the car on road trips for hours… I didnt know how to judge distance via time or vice versa :P

    I memory serves correct, I also have been to both california as well as San Francisco. But as I was still young during that time, I have no recollection of the places I been to. The only thing I remember is the strong stench of the boiling mud at yellowstone park :D

    I might need to go down to America again sometime to see what it is like now :)

    1. I never been to crater lake but from photos, that place sounds amazing. And there is very few things to be amazed about in Oregon. It’s always fun to visit old places again!

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