Hi-Nu Gundoom Review Finished!

UPDATE: Oops… Guess I forgot to open up the comment section in the review. It is open now ^^;.

That’s right… I’m done. I’m actually done. I figured I rather get this done now instead of later so I have one less thing to worry about when I am away. You’ve seen the preview earlier, now you can read the whole thing. Here it is- MC 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom Review. Oh yea… if you really must insist on beating the dead horse with the “bootleg” debate, then please do it constructively and minimize  the profanity, will ya? I’m sure everyone can appreciate that. Thanks!

WHEW! It sure feels great to get things done around here again… :D


22 thoughts on “Hi-Nu Gundoom Review Finished!

  1. It still kinda blows my mind to think that somebody (or some guys to be exact) had the dedication to take a resin kit, disassemble the design and implement a HG kit build design to it, and add a couple of original twist, creating this wonderful kit.
    It’s no doubt it’s an unofficial kit, so some people would definitely not gonna be happy that this kit is getting a lot of attention. But to be honest, I wouldn’t blame anyone if this thing piqued their interest.

    Anyway, good to have you back for a while, and have a nice trip. :)

  2. Nice shots. I also had a blast building this model, since it packs so many extras and is quite detailed. In my honest opinion, this one puts Bandai’s MG to shame. It’s just THAT good.

    Have a nice trip, Z, hope you enjoy it.

  3. Geez… Finally!!!

    Seriously, though, Z, thanks a lot of coming through for us on this one. I for one really appreciate it.

    Already read the review, now I’m off to work on my own Hi-Nu Gundoom.

  4. Hi Z, how are you? I’m glad finally you are coming back to blogging. I’ve opened this blog every time I logged to Internet but still found that Cantonese song post everyday :)
    I hope i can be like you too, back into blogging, but, still lack of idea and passion :p

  5. i forgot how much i missed your work man. superior photos as usual. im not concerned with the bootleg argument. its original enough and great products will sell themselves. bandai should take notice and modify their game plan! i think it looks great and i wouldnt mind getting one for myself. good to see you back in action again. lets see another one!!!

  6. If you want to get the Gundoom, get it fast. The version that Z has is the 1st edition, which is running out very fast, the regular version is out now and 1st editions are going scarce. The regular version does NOT include wings of light effect and blade effects. BUT it does include metallic decals.

  7. Just a question but did you watch gurren lagann: gurren-hen because that looks a lot like simmons epic scene in that movie.
    Looks really good, the light especially gives it a sense “Batman ain’t got nothing on me”

  8. That’s actually a very good photo as a teaser (and for a conclusion). In my last attempt to use a black background (as evidenced in my last photos of my Action Base 1 review), it didn’t look that great compared to when I usually use a white background. *shrug* It could be in part that I have a feeling that I’m using a camera that happens to be a little crappier than yours, but I think the worst aspect is how I deal with my lighting in relation to a background like that.

    The review has a hint of fun in it’s feel, which is natural about your style. Pretty informative about the model, too. It managed to keep me reading even though the Hi-Nu isn’t amongst my favorite of MS designs (despite the wing-like binders for the Fin Funnels). But when they were making this model, why didn’t they include BFG 9000? (Oh, come on, it’s not that bad a pun… Even though I’ve overused it and have been too obscure about it. :P )

  9. Hooray! I’ve been waiting a while for this! Nice review! Buuuut…. where’s the Omake DDD:?
    MC have also released a nice SD Ex-S Gundoom and I’m thinking of picking that one up xD

    Oh, and welcome back Z!

  10. Nice review and imo good plamo. The only thing that I don’t like are the wings of light and a bit to long fuel tanks on the back of the kit but overall it have a very nice design.

  11. Nice review there! Been waiting forever for your updates. Hahaha. I have the MC Nu and was considering a while whether or not to get the Hi-Nu but decided against it as I didn’t have time and the 12 funnels of Nu pretty much owns in every aspect. Still MC models look really detailed and although their plastic quality isn’t that good as Bandai, it’s worth once in a while to try it out. I also did their SD nightingale but it looks horrible without paint. Mind if you add me to your blogroll mate? I already added yours to mine. Cheers!

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