California Food – Day 1

I was thinking of making just one giant epic food post with 100+ photos  but that wouldn’t do some of the food justice and wouldn’t make you as hungry (which is the whole point of this… right?). So here we go…

First time trying In-N-Out Burgers. You know a fast food place is pretty popular if it is this crowded at MIDNIGHT. The line almost went out the door! Though we think some HS event has to do with it; there was a group of cheerleaders that walked in right after us. Eye candy and stomach candy all at once? HELLS YEA!

Burger, fries, and milkshake… Classic American meal.

The burger was only $3.15+tax! My whole meal was around ~$7. I can’t get this in Oregon!

Same day. Americanized Bento. From the training camp.

Some sort of orange teriyaki beef, salad, rice, and avocado roll.

Second day Bento. There is a difference!

Wasn’t exactly enjoyable but since I already paid for it, might as well stuff myself with it.

If you’re ever in Pleasant Hill, CA for whatever reason, then I suggest you avoid this place. We were here for the dinner party after training. The food was overall bland, greasy and tasteless despite the strong presence of MSG… in other words, typical Chinese Americanized food. Personally, I would consider it garbage but others might find it more acceptable. I already had a bad feeling about this place the moment I walked in and saw forks on the table instead of chopsticks. Still, it’s nice to take photos…

Wonton soup.

Why is there carrot and ham in the soup?

I forgot the name of this plate. It’s basically dumpling fillings that you eat with a lettuce bowl.

Seafood and stir-fried veggies.

Beef and green beans.

If I’m right, this is supposed to be “fung saa” chicken… or “Wind sand” chicken.

Seafood fried rice.

Some sort of tofu dish.

Fried fish.

Breakfast at the hotel was better than what I had here. I think my friends and I were probably the only ones trying to eat while everyone else at the party were just drinking ^^;. We definitely made up for this meal the next day though…


13 thoughts on “California Food – Day 1

    1. Yes, it was my first time there so try the basic first then explore the rest. We planned to go there one more time on our way back home but it was too late :(

  1. just started to follow this blog a few months ago, with your long absence… i thought this blog was boring. until now!!! i have fallen in love with the blog~ if you are a girl, i might have even fall in love with you~ lol

    1. He’s a guy, and it was pretty obvious when he said “Eye candy” on the girls.
      And you think his previous Gunpla entries are boring (or, maybe you’re trying to say that DURING his long absence, it has gotten boring).

      Oh man, you’re lucky I’m not a flamer.
      Just lost Korean pride.

      1. of course i know he’s a guy -.- this definately doesnt look like a girl’s blog.
        and ya, boring during his long absence.
        and… i am not a Korean~
        me IS Chinese.

        1. Chonghee sound’s totally Korean. Infact, my cousin’s name.
          “Of course you knew.” That totally contradicts with “If you are a girl, I might have even fall in love with you.”

          Let me restate this: I’ve lost my Asian pride.

      1. dont know that song… maybe tell me the cantonese name i might know. btw, you cantonese? hokkien? or 1 of the rest of the origin fr china?

      2. Never in my… “web browsing” have I ever thought your blog was boring.
        Except when you leave. For the whole 3/4 of the Summer.

        The Gundoom made up for that. Thanks for the review, btw!

  2. Zhi, can’t believe you left me here downtown :[

    Well, school is starting again, so I couldn’t go anyway.

    Bring me somewhere next time >:O Perhaps during summer?

    Would be interesting.

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