Day 3- Mifune Soba and Udon

Located in Japantown, I heard this place was pretty awesome for handmade soba and udon…

My friend’s Nabeyaki udon. Kamaboko, ebiten, green onions, shiitake, softboiled egg, enoki, cabbage, carrot, and udon in a dashi broth.

My first entry, seafood nabe. Almost the same as my friend’s nabeyaki udon but with calamari rings, scallops, and shrimp but no egg.

I love the light taste of this dish!


Ebifry. Please do not confuse this with shrimp tempura (or ebiten) as the two uses different batter.

Tenzaru soba. Buckwheat noodles with assorted tempura. I like how it comes on the side so I can put the tempura in the broth myself. Originally, I didn’t like the taste of soba but now… I LOVE this stuff!

The tempura that goes with the udon or soba.

Tenzaru udon. Same as the soba… but udon instead. The broth is also different. This is my second dish.

Om nom nom…

So much good food… so little time… so little stomach space…


3 thoughts on “Day 3- Mifune Soba and Udon

  1. I hate you. You make my starve everytime I look at these pictures. And i cant stop myself from clicking the links cause I know you’ll be having nice food.

    So. Not. Fair. :(

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