Gunpla Chat 08 Ver. Jesta

As the title implies, this post is all about the Jesta which I think is coming out very soon. I still haven’t watched Gundam UC Episode 3 yet so I don’t know how these guys perform (So NO SPOILERS OF ANY SORT PLEASE!). Well… I certainly hope they don’t turn out like its grunt cousin ReZEL (looks amazingly badass but spends most of its screen time getting shot down). As Ckai pointed out, the Jesta takes a few design cues from Unicorn and you can see it on the knees and shoulders though obviously, these guys are far from being a MP Unicorn. I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: I think Gundam UC has the best grunt design in any Gundam series I’ve seen so far; there is just no design that I don’t like coming out of this series. I mean… it’s pretty impressive to get me to like the Jegan (Stark) and any GM variations since I’ve always hated Feddie grunts.

So here’s a question that I have that I’ve asked before about the Jegan ECOAS: How would you describe Jesta’s color scheme?

While the shades of color are consistent enough, different sites show different tones of them. Not sure if I’m using the correct art terms here… ^^;

So if I were to describe it, it is dark teal (upper arms/legs), dark turquoise with some olive green? o_O

But this looks more like LOTOS color or the Jegan ECOAS color. Whatever the case for the color is, I like it! Like the ECOAS and ReZEL, the color scheme of the Jesta is relatively original, sophisticated and is fitting of a military unit; this is very refreshing to look at. Though I want to pick this up, I am almost positive that a MG will probably follow suit next year. Since this suit can’t transform, I don’t have to worry about disappointments like the ReZEL and Delta Plus when it comes out ^^;. Speaking of the Delta Plus, I think I want the HGUC version more than the MG now…


36 thoughts on “Gunpla Chat 08 Ver. Jesta


    when Jesta’s here it means that we’re up for some terrorist-HUNTING! RAWR

    i need someone to make Jesta hack in Counter-Strike

  2. Well, at least you’ve gone and seen the light–to some extent–on (HG) 1/144s… :)

    I think I’d describe the official colors of the Jesta as being shades of muted blue. Hopefully that’s what they look like in Gunpla form in-person, but it’ll be a while before I’d see this in my collection. Perhaps quite a while, since I could potentially write a rather large want/wish list for Gunpla… And related figures. (PS3 and Gundam Extreme Vs. trumping all of that for the time being, of course.)

    On that note, I still would rather see you review another Robot Damashii [Side MS] rather than SHF; I may have one–technically one and one unopened collectible that’s essentially the same–but I’m fiddling with it, and it’s great. Why not look at Rndm’s review of RD TAG and get a cheap version yourself? Or try another newer RD?

    I know I kept poking at you on either that or the 1/100 SUMO or an NG 1/144 (like the FLAT) for a while, so you’re probably getting a bit annoyed at my suggestion. Well, c’mon; I’d rather we have something in common in our Gunpla collection beyond a certain unbuilt MG, and I know I can remedy that with a couple of orders on what you have (once I at least get my PS3/GEV goal done), but I think it’d be interesting to see you tackle an NG 1/144 or a non-MG 1/100 that doesn’t often get covered (because it’s not SEED/00/Unicorn and probably not even Wing), or giving Robot Damashii a second chance (whilst you’ve embraced SHF; a product line running at a variable-yet-comparable price).

    1. (And yes, I know… “Damn, Siroh. It’s bad enough you gave me a chore of three reviews of TAG episodes to read. Aren’t you even making fast readers begging for mercy at the mere sight of your comments?” :) )

  3. Whatever the colour (colours be damned) I for used will get it. Also, we know that the Jesta uses a ball-socket joint for the shoulder (ala-HG00 00 Gundam) but Bandai has included an ADDITIONAL joint into the upper arms so it has the same movement range of the original Jegan.

    That, is good.

    1. I saw some new display images over at GundamGuy with a jesta raising its arm up for a high-five..its arms dont seem to have the articualtion of the jegan..:( but it still raises up quite high tho!

  4. Really love this Jesta, however, I will really like to hold on to this until Jesta Cannon released which I hope it will appear in anime episode and released as a HGUC.

  5. For a grunt suit, the Jesta’s design totally kicks some *ss…, though for color schemes, I prefer it to be the same as the Loto’s for consistency. But then again, that box-art color scheme is epic… now I’m having the diffculty of the better color scheme, hahaha!

    With regards to the MG Delta Plus, there seems to be an overall disappointment when that’s the topic, care to shed some light on it? :D

  6. Well, I can assure you you won’t get any sort of spoilers of the Jesta from episode 3 of Gundam Unicorn…mainly because it doesn’t appear in it at all ^_^

    The Jesta’s first appearance will be in the upcoming episode 4. But what data has been released by Bandai concerning this unit is a doozy, I’ll just say. I will be VERY MUCH looking forward to this unit (or rather, units) in action!

    I would imagine the designs for grunt suits in other series would be as great if Katoki designed more of them the way he did for the mecha in Unicorn.

    It carries not just a standard beam rifle, but also a BEAM CARBINE (shown in the pictures), which has a stock, suppressor, and two different grips. Definitely one of the better-looking firearms in the UC. Also, it carries a beam saber hilt in it’s left arm housed the same way as the Unicorn’s, while holding spare E-Packs for the Carbine/Rifle in it’s right arm. The Jestas are also equipped with Gundarium alloy.

    Kit-wise, I love the dark colors on this guy the same way I love them on the Jegan ECOAS…all it needs to complete the look is a set of white military decals (the ones it comes with don’t look like they’ll be enough for me)!

    1. Forgive me for not knowing but what’s the difference between a beam RIFLE and a beam CARBINE?
      always bugged me after reading the specs and loadout some time ago……..

  7. One of the cooler Grunt design definitely and somehow its design implies that it is mainly used for Urban combats(do gundam series need one?). I won’t get the HGUC since i collect kits with MG size only but i will definitely get one if Bandai ever decided to release a MG of it.

  8. MMMMM I have Episode 1-3 on Blue ray don’t remember this unit might be in Episode 4. Anyways it is pretty cool design i do agree when I think back about all the Gundam Series UC does have the coolest grunt suit next to mybe Gundam 00 there some pretty cool grunt suit in that series to…

  9. I’m not digging the colour scheme… It’s too subdued or something… Come to think of it, I’m not exactly enjoying most of the new Katoki designs in some way.

  10. i still don’t know what colour scheme it has, but one thing i know is that it looks bad-ass.
    I can’t wait for Jesta Cannon to be release if it actually comes out

    1. The HG seems to be more solid than the MG. The MG also reminds me too much of the ReZEL in terms of structural integrity… too flimsy. I think I will have better photo opportunities with the HGUC.

  11. Is the MG Delta Plus really that disappointing? After browsing through several reviews, I feel that its currently the best of the transforming mechs. What’s so disappointing about it?

    1. Apparently it has trouble standing due to floppy feet (a byproduct of the transformation gimmick). If you want it though, by all means go for it… just buy an action base too.

      1. Thanks seaslugs. Didn’t see the floppy feet in any of the reviews…must’ve missed it. Too late anyway, I’ve already placed my order for this. Hehe. Yep, an action base is definitely a requirement since this mech isn’t meant to be displayed on the ground.

        1. While it is true that the actual MS itself is space-use only, the model should AT LEAST be able to stand up straight… which the MG doesn’t look like it can; the HGUC seems to be more solid and looks more/less the same in terms of details.

        2. I didn’t pay attention to Delta Plus being space-only, but I don’t think it’d have feet with those legs (ala Dra-C), and it would probably be more uniquely animated in Gundam Extreme Vs. to justify it combating in gravity-based environments. And Z’s right; should the MS design being “space-only” confine you to use stands to enjoy and keep it “afloat”? It’s a simple model, and nobody here is going out into space…

          …Well, unless (Invader) Zim and Gir decides to pluck you from a nearby farm and go to some out-of-nowhere space lab where you’re force-fed tacos by Gir (as he munches on waffles).

          1. “[…]I don’t think it’d have feet with those legs[…]”

            Ugh… I need to go to bed. Anyway, I meant if Delta Plus was truly space-only to the point of not being able to set foot on a gravity-based environment. I mean, Zaku IIs are space units, but they can operate on Earth a bit (minor tweaks or otherwise). Especially in TAG. (And yes, it’s comin’ out this year to the U.S. officially, with a nice ol’ YT trailer.)

    1. Two years from now* is quite the long wait, Z. What ever will we do in the meantime whilst you wait for it? :P

      *Yes, I just came up with that guess… And not-so-great sarcasm. Who knows if and when it’ll come in the midst of Wing, 00, SEED’s 10th, and AGE? *shrug* And why not get the HGUC version anyway and do a neat little comparison in the future?

  12. Check out the Jesta build and limb articulation…it’s ankles are like the HG Beginning Gundam’s – double-jointed with a ball joint & hinge for stability (the Jesta uses a polycap while the Beginning uses a solid plastic hinge), so the feet can swivel pretty far to keep it’s feet firmly planted so it makes for nice wide-legged poses!

    So far there’s only been the Jesta Cannon & the EWAC Jesta for variants. Though I don’t doubt there will be a Master Grade of this MS someday, I hope the next MG grunt suit we get is either this guy or a Jegan!

  13. So its the mass-produced version of the Unicorn Prototype? Sweet! Its always cool to see the end result of a Gundam Unit’s design. (Its usually why they perform so sub-par as well, can’t compete with the prototype’s bells and whistles.)

  14. Apparently, the Stark Jegan & other Jegan equipment is compatible with the Jesta. Check it:

    As if there wasn’t ENOUGH reason to get ONE!

    1. the articulation seems very awesome too..@_@ only thing it cant do seems to be over at gundamguy are starting to increase in number. from what ive seen, schizophrinic9’s is the most thorough thus far.

  15. If the OVA and the kit are using the novel colours, I’d say Jesta is GIGN coloured =D

    AFAIK they aren’t grunts at all. they are the Unicorn’s elite body guard team. i think there are only 3 of them, not including the Jesta cannon.

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