HG Sergei’s Tieren Review

Now that the series of food posts are done with, let’s go right back into Gunpla. I am finally getting back the hang of building and reviewing gunpla, shaking off most of the rust so things should start picking up shortly again. It’s not much but here’s a good start- A review for the HG 1/144 Sergei’s Tieren Taozi (All Region Type), complete with an omake. Enjoy! :)

My next project should be real good I hope…


2 thoughts on “HG Sergei’s Tieren Review

  1. It’s a pretty nice review. I like how the design of this grunt MS invokes similar thoughts about it being Tank-like, because when I was thinking about it before reading your review, I wondered if–with some modifications–if the Guntank taking a different approach in design would look like this hunchback of an MS rather than going for tank treads and all guns with no manipulators/hands. *shrug* I mean, I still like the Leo better as a military-looking mobile suit (at least in part out of nostalgia).

    Regardless of the MS design, though, I do remember reading (long ago) how its design translates to having better articulation than many other Gunpla. It’s nice that you confirmed it, and of demonstrating it’s impressiveness. In that aspect, though, after viewing Dalong’s reviews of the other 1/144 Tierens, the Ground or standard Space Type might’ve been better for a kneeling pose, since I hadn’t seen him attempt it with this one, and the Space Type seems to pose closer to some natural form. In sort-of a combination of kneeling and doing the splits (in part), the Ground Type can as well.

    However, despite such impressiveness with leg articulation, I just can’t see how it holds up to the 1/144 FLAT. (I know, broken record.) It’s design seemed like it allowed for the best articulation around (almost; the arms were basic), and was built for going at the articulation. Plus, I’m more fond of it’s design, and Leo’s for the military-ish side of things.

    But the Tieren brings an interesting and appealing-enough, closer-to-real military look that still calls to Gundam in it’s obligatory Zaku homage. Still, it makes me wonder if someone from a generic western mecha game took one of its own designs and gave it a hint of a Zaku homage… And/or maybe they were watching one of the newer western sci-fi “reboots”, or something. *shrug*

    1. (Oh, wait… I forgot you had this Tieren kneeling in one of the standard action shots. Why I happened to have discovered this when checking out the review again when I could’ve caught it to begin with is beyond me. *sigh*)

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