Okonomiyaki Round 2

It’s been awhile since the last time we’ve done お好み焼き. Stuff like this is always fun with friends ^^.

Yea… you need a lot of stuff for this ^^;.

The batter is very important; more sure there are no clumps!

Grating some yama imo to be mixed into the batter. This stuff is slimy and gooey o_o

While we wait for the hot plate to heat up, we drink…

According to my Kansai friends…In okonomiyaki, you are actually eating cabbage held together by batter. Not batter with cabbage in it.

Since this is okonomiyaki, you can put whatever you like into it. We got pork and seafood. One thing to keep note of while the batter is cooking: do NOT press down on it against the pan. You must let it cook by itself otherwise you can risk getting punched by someone from Kansai ^^;.

Once the bottom is done cooking, then flip it over to cook the top (which would become the bottom at the end).

And you should end up with something like this once you’ve put everything on top.

Mine. Everyone gets their own okonomiyaki!

Closer look at the kewpie mayo, sauce, sakura ebi, aonori and katsuo boshi.

See the scallop, shrimp, and octopus? ^^

Just one is enough to be satisfying… two will definitely make you full. You’re insane if you can down three.

Pumped full of yum. Have you tried making this before? If not, you should… it’s very easy!



15 thoughts on “Okonomiyaki Round 2

  1. UHG! It looks so good and I have eaten very little all day! I want the sea food one! I need some Asian friends who like to cook and eat. Most of us Caucasians are to wimpy to try something new like this. Everything my family used to eat growing up came from a can or a box; add water and cook. Not the way to enjoy food. Fresh ingredients and a little prep time and you can get a good satisfying meal that’s fun to make and tastes amazing.

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