Non-Gunpla Loot

Some of the stuff that came this week… and nothing Gundam related…

SIC Kamen Rider FangJoker and Skull! Just in time for halloween! I still need to get around to reviewing SIC Kabuto… if only I wasn’t so behind on my Gunpla reviews…

YUUSHA OU! GAO! GAI! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I love Gundam and all but nothing can beat the brute force of courage, hotblood, love and yelling. So awesome that the King of Braves is finally getting some love. Now if only Bandai would make a Gaopla as well… :D

It also came with this “Overload Effect” part which is basically the Final Fusion wave.

Wut?! a can of GLOSS TOPCOAT?! No way! Actually I have plans for this thing so I picked it up just for that one purpose… hence only one can. It’s nice to try new things every now and then too. For those who have used gloss coat before, does it behave any differently than the matte type? Like… does it take more layers or take longer to cure?

Picked up this 1 TB USB-powered External HDD for only $55! I can’t believe I filled up my 300 GB Internal and my other 500 GB external already o_o. I remember back when I got my first computer, it had 40 GB… and that was actually quite enough for me. 80 GB was like luxurious. Now we fill up hundreds of GB like nothing…

It’s so small… so shiny… such a fingerprint magnet… I should smug it now just to get it over with.

44 thoughts on “Non-Gunpla Loot

  1. My experience with topcoat is that it’s just a bit trickier to use than matte coat.

    With the brand I use (Bosny), I keep about 20cm away from the parts to let it mist rather than spray point blank, even with quick passes. If I use glossy spray too close it dries in an odd way and the gloss finish doesn’t come through. It really needs to MIST. You’ll need about 2-3 coats to achieve a very glossy finish. While it takes more coats & takes about twice as long to dry/cure as matte coat, and makes kits harder to photograph due to the way it reacts to lighting, I still prefer gloss over matte.

  2. personally, for matt topcoat if the weather is sucky or if you do it wrong there will be the frosty look. For gloss no matter how much you spam, it will pool and eventually dry up without any frosting, One of the reasons I like gloss more than matt now..since I’m doing “Char” suits nowadays which should always be glossy. =3

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