00 Raiser Seven Sword

Hmm… you know what… maybe I do have a reason to pick up the MG 00 Raiser afterall… damn…


17 thoughts on “00 Raiser Seven Sword

      1. there is still some auction selling these on Yahoo Auction Japan.

        the only problem tey usually dont ship outside Japan, so you need help from your friend living there

  1. Already pre-ordered my MG 00 Seven Sword/G to go with my MG 00 Raiser. But I don’t plan to even start assembling ’till Samuel Decal finishes his reworking of the decals for them.

    The decals that came with the MG 00 Raiser are so…boring (and nowhere near as cool as the Metal Composite’s markings). The 1/100 version of the decals that Bandai has on sale are way better, but they don’t fit the MG because of the way the armor’s been redesigned. Which is why Samuel is reworking the 1/100 version to fit the MGs.

  2. As I’ve said somewhere on your blog, after I got my ordered MG 00 Raiser, Bandai announced the release of MG 00 Seven Sword/G — which I ended up pre-ordering again. >__>

    Nonetheless, I might paint the 00 Seven Sword G, then paint the 0 Raiser. Combine both to make this beast of a Gundam that never existed in any other official Gundam 00 media. I’ll gladly re-use all of the LED units I’ve got with the MG 00 Raiser. Since the MG 00 Seven Sword may have one LED unit of its own.

    …or make the MG 00 Seven Sword G to its G Inspection version.

    1. It’s been confirmed that the MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G will NOT come with even a single LED at all…


      Bandai’s scheduled to FINALLY start selling their LED units this month on the general retail market! The LEDs will be sold at 1155 Yen PER PAIR – quite a good bargain especially since they used to go at 700 Yen apiece plus shipping. The green LEDs will initially be available & I think the red ones will start to go on sale next month.

    2. Yea the MG 00 7S doesn’t come with any LED units hence the surprisingly cheaper price tag. Like Ckai said, soon you can turn your MG 00 into a christmas tree of sorts if you want…

      1. I will buy both the red and green LED units then. No need for blinkers since they are already flickering on their own with no effort needed. >__>

        1. I recently stumbled upon some LED units from a mail-order shop in Singapore which seem to be bootleg parts. But upon comparison to the Bandai originals I bought through GG Infinite, I made a startling discovery. By my comparisons:

          1 – The ORIGINAL BANDAI LEDs glow bright, however they flicker & need some coaxing. The metal terminals need to be adjusted if needed. One pair of LR41 watch batteries are required for each LED unit, and they are NOT included.

          2 – The bootleg(?) LEDs glow bright as well, but they DID NOT need much coaxing at all, and stayed consistent and NEVER FLICKERED even after repeated switching on & off. The sweet part of the deal was, they were considerably cheaper, and CAME PRE-ASSEMBLED WITH BATTERIES INCLUDED!

          The vendor who sold me the bootleg(?) LEDs stated that they were made in Taiwan, and are superior to Bandai’s, which were made in China. I don’t know if that’s true, but the results speak for themselves. I will purchase some of the new Bandai release LEDs once they’re available at my local hobby store then make a final comparison.

          1. I made better LED units in high school than the ones from Bandai… so yea, it’s not hard to believe that someone else can make them better for cheaper. Actually… it’s not so much “better” but more like Bandai’s LED units do suck and the others just work the way it should.

  3. With all the weaponry, I’m afraid that this model is going to end up a display piece in my cabinet rather than being used frequently for photography… :(

    Wished bandai kept the gundam MS simple at times.

  4. “maybe I do have a reason to pick up the MG 00 Raiser afterall”
    And he hints, he pokes, he pulls at our chains. Good sir Z, I can see right through that comment.

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