RX-78-2 Line-Up

Once the Gundam is mass produced…


24 thoughts on “RX-78-2 Line-Up

  1. “oh… So maybe the long box is a RG Rx-78-2, am I right Z???” ~ Junior
    “nope ^^” ~ Z

    Even if you didn’t lie, you’re so deceptive… I still remember that MG F91 / HGUC Sazabi post. :P (Well, if building new Gunpla over grabbing a drink and slowly reading my novel-amount of text brings us this, I’m pleased.)

    I hope you try a kneeling pose or two for the RG; pretty effective for testing articulation. I’m not sure about getting RGs due to the many mentions of parts falling off. I wonder if the upper leg part that slides off a bit in leg-bending (on purpose; as if sliding armor parts make it a more “real” portrayal of mobile suits in real life) is one of them.

  2. I spy a RG RX-78-2? I heard many complain about the skirt armors. I still have not done a review of my RG Strike but it has also a problem with those, the Aile Striker pack being too backheavy and having a rather shameful short connector but that aside, this RG line is plain amazing.

    1. After looking at Dalong’s review of that MG again, I think you’d be better off sticking with talking on your normal cell phone while building the OYW version and reaping the benefits of its articulation. *shrug* Or getting the newest GFF MC, since it can pull off kneeling poses well. (Check the GFF Maniax website, the review of the “RX-78-02” looks pretty amazing.)

      1. WISP makes us think you are still working on it. But this. THIS. This is like, “I’m done everything, but I ain’t gonna drop it on you, suck it (:”

    1. I think the real issue are the damn tiny stickers. For the RG’s some are just ridiculously small and all the effort you put into placing them as correctly as possible is blown to hell when after the topcoat, some start to peel off. That sucks.

  3. Anyone mind telling me what SRW is all abou? like who is the main character and what is the story. And what team is the cybaster on? kinda confusing

    1. That’s a very broad question. It’s like…

      “Anyone mind telling me what Gundam is all about? Like who is the main character and what is the story. And what team is the Wing Zero on?”

      I can type up something more elaborate later since I need to get out at the moment.

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