SD FA Unicorn Gundam

Forget about the MG FA Unicorn. Check out the SD version done by none other than the Gunpla master Keita himself. His works are always so motivating and inspiring to look at. Such an awesome modeler. Have a look for yourself here.

NOTICE: Deadline for the contest has been extended until Tuesday night (10/4) when I get home from school… so around 9:30 PM PST.

16 thoughts on “SD FA Unicorn Gundam

  1. How much does a gundam figure costs in your country? I do not see any dedicated shops here in the Philippines, I like them hanging around in my room or at my work desk for some reason… ^^ anyway nice blog

    1. Contact Dc23 and I’ll guess he’ll hook you up. Santos is in Philipine and his shop has something for asian modellers to look upon. :)

    2. There’s Greattoys ( and Wasabi toys in the philippines, Lil’s Futaba for Tamiya and tools/paint source, try to visit Greenhills Shopping Center, its a hobby haven in the Philippines

  2. I’m crushed by homework right now so I won’t have the time to type up the answer post yet so feel free to submit your guesses if you still haven’t yet.

  3. Z: Email your answers to me. I’ll still take it. The deadline was just a guideline.

    pls dnt delete this post if I posted Wrongly! Just maybe move it to the right place? PLEEASE? I worked hard 4 this……

    1. You should send the answer directly to Z via e-mail because if you posted here it’ll become a spoiler (well if your answer is right). But maybe it doesn’t matter anymore because the deadline for the submission for the answer is ended like 10 hours ago.

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