WISP: MG Fang Joker

I can talk about how a pickup truck smashed into the driver side of my car because the driver decided to change lanes on the freeway without looking, leaving my car in the repair shop for two weeks while the truck takes off with its tire polished. Luckily, they are paying for the damage. If I go on with the story, then I must go into a rage fest about the average American drivers here so I’ll just stop here. Since I don’t have any broken bones, I’ll just brush off my injuries as “mere bruises” and move on- I AM part Gundam after all. However, I really appreciate and thank you for your concern this whole time ^^. ANYWAY… Yea, it’s been awhile since I’ve built a MG but it has been even longer since I did something Kamen Rider related so why not have the best of both worlds?

Worked on this guy during my absence and could’ve finished it in a few days but I am getting crushed by academic obligations at the moment.I was hoping to finish it by Halloween but it doesn’t seem likely at this point…

I like how it comes with all the parts you need for the original W head but you cannot have two heads at the same time because the internal parts are shared. Speaking of heads…

Bought this at Kinokuniya for $15. Not a bad price.

Now… let’s move on to those boxes…

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