Gunpla Inochi Giveaway Tie Breaker!

ATTENTION FINALISTS! Mark D., Thien N., Roy A., reeoyuy, beamknight87, Edmund C., Vic. L, and Lupes! Here is how the tie breaker will go down…

– Regardless of whether you got 3/4 correct or all correct, you can CHOOSE to COMPETE FOR ONE PRIZE: I OR II

– PRIZE I: The prize is the gunpla you see above.

– PRIZE II: SD Unicorn or SD 00 Raiser

– If everyone choose to compete for Prize 1 then I get to keep prize 2. If everyone but one person chooses to compete for prize 1, then that one person automatically wins prize 2 or vice versa. Choose wisely.

GOAL: Just simply tell me what you think the above gunpla is. You have one guess. No hints!


I am under no illusion that only one person will guess the gunpla correctly so here’s a tie breaker of tie breaker.This will only count PROVIDED THAT YOU GUESSED THE GUNPLA CORRECTLY IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Along with your answer, send in FIVE (5) guesses of either rock, paper, or scissor like this:


Prize I- MG Sazabi

1. rock

2. paper

3. scissor

4. rock

5. paper

^Just like that and hope that you can beat everyone else who also got the right answer! Whoever wins the most round… well, wins.

TIME LIMIT: You have until next monday or whenever I have the time to post who won. Whichever takes longer.


P.S Please refrain from leaving hints in the comment section about the grade and such of the gunpla if you think you know… just in case you might mislead the contestants. Thank you!


42 thoughts on “Gunpla Inochi Giveaway Tie Breaker!

    1. you kidding? It takes me ages to finish anything with work and school now. :P

      i honestly have no idea, i’m going to have to contemplate and take a swing in the dark…

          1. If you think taking ages to finish your paint job is bad… what about me taking eons to finish a straight build? That’s just downright pathetic XD

            1. Okay, I’ve just built 1/144s so far, but if you think his building time takes too long, how about my time spent in making a review of a model/figure? Or lack there-of, technically; since my efforts go elsewhere… (Not that it pays off at all for my win/loss ratio in Tekken 6 online.) :P

              (But good news that came in my e-mail box is propelling me to finish, Z!)

            2. Day off tomorrow, maybe I can finally get this Nu Gundoom finished! *thumbs up* I remember when we both were finishing kits left and right…whatever happened to that? Bloody life, interfering with our giant robots.

              1. Seriously! Those days were the best! We were like… at the peak of our Gunpla youth… or whatever we call it. it seems like the only time I am able to do that is september when summer school is over and before fall term begins. At this rate, the fact that this blog is most lively only for a month out of the year is going to become a running gag. But yea, let’s see that Gundoom!

                1. I could drop work or school to make time, but I think we both know that’s an awful idea :P I tried reducing my hours at work so I had a little more free time to breath but it just doesn’t work, so I have to keep going at a breakneck pace for everything. Someday we’ll have time again for our hobbies.

                  As for the Gundoom, didn’t even find time to get outside…but at least I managed to get the airbrush clean.

    1. I think almost everyone is confident they can guess what it is because there’s only one obvious choice. I’m betting it’ll all come down to good ol’ rock paper scissors. I’m just curious though… if more than 2 person got it right, how will the rock paper scissors be effective? I mean, it depends on who Z pair the answers for that tie-breaker. If that person can win against another but unluckily paired with the answer that has a disadvantage over him…. won’t that be somewhat unfair?

      1. I’m not sure I understand your last question? ^^;

        So here’s how it goes… say three people got the correct answer, so those three will duke it out in RPS next. They will all “play at the same time”. So for each round, it would be like this:

        Person 1: rock
        Person 2: scissors
        Person 3: scissors

        Person 1 wins. Hmm… Now that I think about it… I’ll determine later whether the game should be “elimination” style of playing or “win # of rounds” style to prevent a tie breaker of tie breaker of tie breakers…

        1. Let me give you a scenario:

          Let’s say 5 person got it right, then next round they guess:

          Person 1: Rock
          Person 2: Scissors
          Person 3: Rock
          Person 4: Paper
          Person 5: Scissors

          What I meant is this, so if it’s a hard to determine scenario as described, won’t you have to choose elimination style, making unfair for some? Let’s say rock guy could win this contest, instead, you randomly made him go against paper, then it’s sorta bad luck for whoever it is.

          1. that’s why the game has 5 rounds. person who gets the most wins.

            p1 p2 p3
            1.R P R
            2.S P S
            3.S P P

            p1: 2
            p2: 1
            p3: 1

            p1 wins.
            if there is a draw, then i guess it’s time for a lottery. heads or tails? :p

            1. You see the problem in your scenario, don’t you? You’re assuming there would be same answers, thus giving the odd one the chance to win (or lose). What if they are all different guesses. And also, if there are more than 3 person guessing it right, which I’m pretty sure it will, how are you gonna decide who win in a 8 person brawl with all different answers (rock, rock, paper, paper, scissor, scissor, rock, paper)?

              Head or tails is even worse…. a coin flip is only for 2 person tie-breaker.

              1. we have international rules for that:

                If all three weapon types are played, or only one type of weapon is played, the round is considered to be a draw. A new round begins.

                so i guess Z must’ve said that it’s a rock-paper game instead of r-p-s to make it less complicated. but anyway, good point :)

  1. hi Z. can you please help me? earlier this day i considered purchasing a HG unicorn gundam. its my first time to buy a model kit. and i read most of your reviews. is the HG unicorn gundam the ones with the skeleton type thingy. you know the one with the black robot underneath its armour. can you please help me? ill leave you my email address
    i really like that model.

  2. this is hilarious, i hope everyone chooses the same prize, and then all tie for rock paper scissors =D
    my heart can’t take this intense excitement, even though i’m only watching from the sidelines rofl

  3. hello Z, i plan on doing a custom for the upcoming Dra-c, and i was wondering if you know how to paint a gundam to look metallic? thanks.

  4. Wow, glad I wasn’t in the finals. These competition is taking really loooooooooooooooooooong. Would have been easier to just order RG Aile Strike from HLJ or amiami by EMS.

      1. Oh, no no~ Take all the time you need. I’m not one of those waiting for the answer anyway. lol
        I wish I could see the faces of those who are waiting and yet lose anyway in the end.

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