Even if it’s only for a short while…

Let the good times roll once again…



47 thoughts on “06.15.2012

  1. Hello there, I must say that its been a long time since I or rather we have heard from you on here. Hope everything is alright at your :)

  2. …Well… I’m not sure how to begin this comment… I suppose I could say, “Hello.” *wave* Admittedly, as you were getting too busy (or perhaps a bit before then), I started to lose some of my motivation of my Gunpla hobby. Only the reviewing part of it, though; I’m still collecting ’em. (I’m up to five 1/100s; three of ’em MGs.)

    I know being busy is a part of your life, however. Despite not being able to have it for long, I’m glad you have a break of sorts. Even more-so that you might spend some of it rambling on Gunpla news (recent past or present), or building one or two for a review or gallery, or for something else.

    But regardless of whether you would actually do that, enjoy a video game, or relax outside somewhere, I’m mainly pleased that you’re still doing okay.

  3. according to Feng Shui, this year of dragon is bad for many… i was told it is easy to ‘Fan Tai Shoi’…
    anyway, good to see you back!

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