Back to Gunpla…

FINALLY! Z HAS COME BACK… *takes a deep breath* TO GUNPLA INOCHI! o_O *ahem* Anyways, Happy belated 2012, Happy belated Chinese New Year, Happy belated any other holiday that I have missed since December till now. Yea… it’s been that long. Where do I even begin now? Giving you all a personal history/excuse of what I have been doing this whole time and why I have been gone might be a bit lame for a “long time no see” post even if it is typical. I’ll trust that those who understands and believes in me probably won’t need to hear it and those who hates me for it won’t for it anyway. Though I must say… life has been sorta miserable and unlucky for me this whole year but let’s not get into any sob stories. Year of the Dragon… I thought I was supposed to be luckier?

Now let’s get down to business: gunpla. Yes. School is over. Yes. I can finally work on them again.

As a matter of fact, I’ve just finished the MG Fang Joker yesterday… except the hands. OH HOW I HATE THEM HANDS! I was hoping to start the review today but I ran into hiccups with the hands… now I’m figuring out how to fix the problem. It’s the only part missing! Will probably give you the first review of the year some time next week or so. Just so you know, I haven’t touch my camera since I’ve been away so don’t expect much out of this review as I get myself back into shape ^^;.

As for what’s new and actually enjoyable in life for me right now…

9000 RPM redline. That is all.

Anyway, I hate to say this but… this return to gunpla will only be a short one and then I’m pretty much gone for a good while… a good long while. Before then, I’ll knock out as many reviews as I can. I’ll let you all know when the time is near. No need to cause any undue commotions now ^^;. I’m well aware that although this blog is nowhere near as big nor popular as some others, say for example Ngee Khiong, where it can shock the community on a large scale if it dies but it is also not small enough where I can just leave quietly without anyone noticing. In any case, I’ll make sure to properly give you all my last words before moving on to the next chapter of my life. A new Inochi…

For now, like I said before, even if it’s only for a short while… Let the good times roll once again…


38 thoughts on “Back to Gunpla…

  1. oh how i missed your reviews.. :)

    although everything must end, what matters is the experience and the memories..

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