WISP: HG 1/144 Stark Jegan

Yea… I know, a Work in Slow Progress post. Yea… I know. I’m just as shocked as you are ^^;. When was the last time there was a WISP post? It was back in October. That’s how long it has been. Looks like there are going to be a few “first time since…” type posts in the coming weeks. Anyway, instead of just sitting here idly while I wait for the right time to go find the parts I need to finish up MG FangJoker, I figured I’d put the time to good use by throwing the Stark Jegan together. Hey, gotta start sometime I guess…

Principal assembly is already finished. Just putting it all together to see how the joints work before I do some final touch-up, topcoat, then photoshoot it for the review… AFTER the MG FangJoker is done.


12 thoughts on “WISP: HG 1/144 Stark Jegan

  1. i just finished this a few weeks ago. overall, i liked it, but the bazooka is unable to fit right, and the boosters around the calf’s just sorta dangle there.

  2. It’s not really a WISP if the thing is already (pre-)assembled. lol
    Also, dat face. Getting out of topcoat’s way.

  3. I really liked this kit. Although, I did build it along side my Kshatriya, as well, for… *ahem* effect.
    BTW, hope you do a Kshatriya review before this is all said-and-done!

  4. STARK JEGAN-KUN!! ;_;

    Hehehe wow I didn’t expect your first jump back into Gunpla to be HG kit…figured you’d dive right into a MG! Well, looks like you’re making pretty quick progress here – actually really glad you started with a Unicorn HGUC, since I’m really getting into that particular series now…

    I know the Stark Jegan isn’t a particularly new kit, but looking at the straight build, it seems to need quite a bit of detailing…just looks so bland OOB…haha, lookin’ forward to the review! :D

    1. technically, I am working on an MG. The FangJoker counts! But yea, since it’s been awhile, figured I should warm back up to Gunpla instead of tackling the harder stuff head on.

  5. The Stark Jegan is quite a nice one to build. A lot stuff are symmetrical and you can build both sides without having to look up the numbers as for which is the left or the right. Kinda wish there are Jegan Type D to go with them but there’s a sort of way around with the Jegan Type De (i.e. the ECOAS ones). Looking back I’m not sure why I never reviewed this guy myself though!

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