Preview: MG W FangJoker

Normally, I don’t show you my finished product until the review. However, I am overly excited about the result (not to mention that I actually finally completed a model…) that I just gotta show you all before reviewing it (which I am working on as we speak) ^^;. Now that the hands are “fixed”, I can finally say…



6 thoughts on “Preview: MG W FangJoker

  1. Lookin’ mighty sexy. Those eyes really stand out when top coat’s applied! Though I’m curious: What was the problem you had with the hands? I noticed the right hand there looks a little… off. I’m guessing you’ll get to it in the review, but you just can’t lead us on like that! xP

  2. First time I’ve seen a top-coated rider (Though I don’t really follow the line…), and it’s looking pretty sweet! The top coat gives its armor that extra… strength, like when Batman’s suit was revealed in Batman Begins. Awesome work Z, I’m looking forward to the review!

  3. FangJoker looks awesome after using top coat. I can’t wait for the review.
    PS: Normally Philip would say it and do the pointing when they transformed to FangJoker (or i can be just wrong)

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