7 thoughts on “REVIEW! MG Kamen Rider W FangJoker

  1. Zhi, this maybe out of topic, but at this instant, 1:41, I am at Ping. What would you recommend? :)

    1. Given my terrible track record of replying on a timely manner, there’s no way I could’ve recommend something on the spot xD.
      So what did you end up getting?

      1. Oh god….. Oh god……
        Got the laksa(?) noodle and some sort of rice with meat.
        I do not want to visit there again…..

  2. well im not japanese so i google translate whatever words there are. The last few were translated as – Come on! Big Sleep the sins of you!”.


  3. I guess it means “count your sins” I guess. This model can be considered a different one, since it doesn’t have the inner frame of the mg (but who on the right mind wants to display an actual human skeleton?) but it has the same articulation and level of detail of it nonetheless. This one is great for those who wants a “slightly customized” version of a figure, far bigger than shf counterparts.

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