Free Gunpla GET

I came to work one day and found a paper bag with these two inside on my desk. They were left for me by a fellow coworker who was leaving. He asked me before if I wanted them because he knows I was into Gunpla, but I refused and suggested he should sell them instead; I already have a huge backlog that I am not really chipping away at. Looks like they ended up in my hands after all. He believes that my Gunpla skill will actually bring out more of the Gundam. While I don’t find that true, I was still motivated and encouraged by his words. Even if I don’t get around to building them, these two will still be a memento of my coworker for me.

With these two, I now have the whole line-up of Destiny Gundam (SD, HG, 1/100, MG) and Strike Noir (SD, HG, MG). Since it’s with me, might as well at least take a look right? I can’t believe it… The model itself only consists of three to four runners! Now compare these two to my current project which is also a HG 1/144…

FIFTEEN RUNNERS! Gunpla technology sure has advanced all these years…

23 thoughts on “Free Gunpla GET

  1. Not always you get free stuff these days especially in this economic climate :) Are you sure it is only 3 runners? I know that destiny has 4 (not including the display base) and strike noir has got 5 (not including the base) :P

  2. I will be looking forward when you finish both HG Destiny and Strike Noir Gundam Z!

    come to think of it i need to work on my backlog as well lol

  3. Ah, fond memories of that Kshatriya. Fun build, after I got through painting the sleeves ans chest. Seriously, those things are tiny in 1/144 scale. ._. Reminds me that I should probably redo my review for mine, now that my camera’s not useless…

  4. Slowly yet surely MG-tech and engineering is seeping into the HG line, making them more better than before (which, is to the enjoyment of HG-fans like myself. :D).

    1. That’s nice and all but it sure is bumping up the prices of HG though… before, you can kinda just buy a HG for fun without caring too much about the price ($15-20)… now sometimes it becomes a decision between it or a MG later o_o.

  5. HG Destiny is a pretty decent kit for when it was released back in…2006? Haven’t built Strike Noir, but it looks pretty good runner-wise.
    But yeah, the new HG kits are pretty damn awesome. Z, have you seen the ReZEL Type-C B-defenser? 14 runners including PC parts.

    1. Is that the one with the double mega beam launcher? It looks pretty awesome. Didn’t know it also had just as many runners.

      1. Yep, that’s the one! I wonder if they’re release it in the standard blue/green… or an MG version…

  6. Strike Noir felt pretty advanced for its time back then I’d think; the articulations and details were what got me back into Gunpla actually ^^;

    15 runners for Kshatriya! I’m really looking forward to see you finishing it! :D

  7. All of my kits so far are from 00, but I love Unicorn to bits too. Quite tempted to pick up a Kshatriya. Looking forward to the WISPs and reviews!

  8. Haha, that destiny brings back memories. It was my first attempt at “seriously” building a gunpla.

    Everytime I look at it I always think how glad I am that I have gotten better at building gunpla. :P

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