WISP: HG 1/144 Kshatriya Body and Stark Jegan Completed

A bit slow on my part this time on working on Ksh’s body. The body is practically a scaled down MG body minus a cockpit! Inner frames, multiple layers, nice color separation and all. The outer armor was so tight fitting, I thought it might snapped or get warped!

You know… I have built my fair share of models with repetitive tasks but this one takes the cake! Lots of thrusters, hinges, funnels… oh yea… the funnels…

Now I love funnels as much as the next person but I really hate repetitions >_>. 24 funnels x 3 cut x 2 clean/cut = 144 times I am using my side-cutter. The biggest slap in the face after all this is that there’s no way for me to readily display these in action after I’m done -_-;

Before assembling anything else, I was gonna get the dreaded sleeves out of the way ASAP. This is easier than Sinanju in that I’ve already been through this nightmare, and that there are less parts. What makes this more difficult is that the stripes are also smaller. I’ll be using different methods (brushing, spray painting, etc) and see which one fits my taste. I didn’t like how the paint turned out using a brush so maybe spraying is the way to go… when the weather improves.

Oh yea, I also got the head done but that’s not much to talk about. This is the only part of Kshatriya’s design I am not too fond of. If I could, I would replace it with Quin Mantha’s head…

Starky all topcoated and ready to be reviewed later…

Looking forward to his revenge…

17 thoughts on “WISP: HG 1/144 Kshatriya Body and Stark Jegan Completed

  1. Kshatriya’s funnels, it’s the endless 24 event. ;)

    That Stark Jegan looks pretty boss. Still thinking of modding the Stark’s backpack so the missile pods are attached to the backpack and not the shoulders. Still looking for the right parts.

    1. Yea and the thrusters are endless 8!

      I think it looks good on the shoulders ^^. Though what bugs is that the sensor(?) on top of both of the missile pods are on the left…

      1. Yes, those are targeting sensors, yes, I also wonder on why that BOTH are on the same side.
        I made a jackiechan.jpg upon seeing it first hand.

        1. I’m currently building my PG SF (slow progress, since I have nearly 3 months of school vacation), and I know how that feels…. ^^;
          the inner frame of the wings, the DRAGOONs and their press-and-release gimmick, the outer armor parts for the wings (the dark blue parts)… the bad news is I’m doing a painted build, so I need to sand the nub marks, prime, paint, water slides, flat coat, shading (with tamiya weathering master, they work great for non-ab painted kits), then a final flat coat… XD

  2. now i get it why you suddenly have Kshatriya and Stark in your hands www

    looking forward to both ww

  3. If you still have time, you may try a white lacquer spray first (tamiya or any lacquer spray), then black enamel spray. Remove the black paint using some lighter fluid and boom, white emblems. Anyways this kit sure is already a downsized mg, its also reflects on its price tag. At least its not as many as the sinanju, hehe. Can’t wait for the epic battle ver 2, playing “dat soundtrack”.

  4. Great to see you back in the Gunpla saddle Z. Speaking of the Stark Jegan, it’d be cool to see it done in an Ironman paint scheme.

  5. “looking forward to his revenge…”

    damn that reminds me of the first episode of Gundam UC, where the Jegan was given quite a fair share of screen time battling with the Kshatriya, but ended up being sliced :D

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