Pop Music at Work

Random post for the day. Just wanna share the kind of music I usually hear playing at work from time to time. I apologize if some of you have already overplayed these songs a long time ago but I bet they are still catchy :P. Here are a few that gets stuck in my head the most…


Just for the lulz.


11 thoughts on “Pop Music at Work

  1. ….Where do you work that you hear K-pop enough for it to be notable? Korean Karaoke bar? Extremely fashionable and modern Korean/Asian market? KOREA!?

    1. I work at a place where I regularly get to check out and talk to cute Asian college girls… But trust me, it’s not even remotely as awesome as it sounds >_>

      1. Okay. Alright. I’m now picturing you being that guy from the Girls Generation Gee Music Video. Yeah. That guy. You are now THAT guy. Sounds pretty awesome though, having a bunch of mannequins fall in love with you… ;__;

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