Last Kshatriya WISP

Yay… finally got around to the last part of the model (haven’t assembled it yet; still cleaning the pieces). Sadly, it is also the most repetitive. Made even more annoying in that most of the parts are round. Terribly draining to clean the nubs off.  Oh well… at least I can say I am almost finally done with this beast…

The rest of the parts. Arghhh… Those nubs on curves and grooves! With this done, I just gotta finish the sleeves then topcoat. I hope to finish this and roll out its review the same week as the Stark Jegan’s… whenever that may be ^^;. Until then… continue to work on more Gunpla. Like my first MG Gundam in awhile.

7 thoughts on “Last Kshatriya WISP

  1. sometimes, i also think: “those nubs on curves and grooves!” followed by “how does this even make sense?! i dont even…” and then i trick myself into thinking that i will someday fix it with putty and paint it up, and then i proceed to gouging a dent into and violently over sanding it…
    usually, the nub remains but the area around it becomes a new shape altogether… it seems i lack any motor skills to put up with that kind of stuff XD
    i always wonder how people sand something that isnt big and flat… there must be some sorcery to it… in fact, i cause flat surfaces to become curvy and all the edges turn round when i sand near them… that must be sorcery in it’s own special kind of way =P

  2. Kshatriya is looking good! I’ve had that kit 85% built and in it’s box for close to a year now.I’ve still got plans for but now I’m busy with kits I’ve already finished and commission work on top of doing a bunch of figure reviews. In the realm of “bad news, everyone” the bit that I glued to the Exousia’s shoulder to hold the GN Sword IV came loose and I’m having issues getting it to stay put which is holding up an otherwise finished model. :(

    Can’t wait to see the review for this and your Stark Jeeg. Your photography has always been something I’ve striven to match since I started blogging and it’ll be good to see more gunpla reviews and omakes.

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