Went from this…

To this…

So now this…

Can finally look something like this. Hopefully by the end of next week.

*tension rising*



22 thoughts on “Sleeves

      1. i believe that it is literally impossible to get sick of that song.
        and while it’s cool, asemu’s theme from AGE is actually my favorite.

  1. wow, that is some delicate panel lining, so tough! what did you use? So amazing and awesome, you are the master!!

  2. So beautiful… Man, I wish my HGUC Sinanju’s sleeves looked as nice. Any tips, or will you save those for the reviews?

  3. Have to say, you did a really impressive job on the sleeves, especially considering how tiny they are in 1/144 scale…did you use micro-masking and spray ’em, or hand-brush ’em with yer clearly very steady hands? They seem to be matte-coated too, while the actual suit doesn’t…did those early, I guess? O_o

    Can’t wait for the final product! Guessing you haven’t got around to lining the whole thing or painting in the crotch-thrusters yet, hmmm? Really lookin’ forward to an omake. :D

  4. the great thing about unicorn is that they have all the exciting music that makes your heart pump, even when your not watching it!

  5. Those sleeves are quite a nightmare to colour! I faced it hard with the 3 Dreissens I got last year @_@; You did a really good job on it!

    And what’s with Stark Jegan trying to be Kshatriya in the 3rd photo?!

    1. Thanks Q! Otsukaresama deshita to you on those 3 Dreissens! There’s no way I would be able to do that ^^;
      and about that photo… just my silly shenanigans and irony kicking in xD

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