Let’s Eat Again…

It’s finally summer time. School is out, the sun is bright, and everyone is free. What to do besides gunpla? Eat with friends!

What we have here is my friend’s homemade tori no karaage. Or Japanese fried chicken. Her first time ^^



HELLS YEA! *ahem* anyway… it was yummy ^^;

Also homemade miso soup

I… forgot what this side dish was called. It’s soft potatoes and carrot with a soy sauce mix ^^;.

Moving on… we have this Mentaiko spaghetti mix. mmm… fish roe and spaghetti…

You can’t really see the fish roe anymore after mixing but it was still good even if it was a bit greasy feeling. Best part is how easy it was… cook the noodles, then mix the sauce. Done!

Moving on again… grilled wings. Who wouldn’t like this?

Grilled pork loins.

The most amazing and tender grilled sirloin I ever had in my life, bar none. Courtesy of my sensei.

Fresh strawberry yogurt pie for dessert :D

Thai food. Pad see ew.

Crab meat fried rice!

Next up is Korean food. Rice cake with beef.

Kimchee fried rice.

This spicy handpulled noodle was the best dish but trust me, it looks a lot more appetizing in person. The lighting in the place was dim and very yellow hence this appearance…

Another Korean food night. Seafood pancake… I am terribly sorry but I still don’t know my Korean dish names orz.


a bunch of sides. I like the fish cake strips to the right ^^

Spicy rice cake with some bits of fish cake.

This was a rather tasty yet odd soup. Spicy-based with tofu, kimchee, green onions, spam, hot dog (why?), fish cake, rice cake, and probably some other stuff I am forgetting.

Oh yea. Instant noodles.

End result.

Until next time…


17 thoughts on “Let’s Eat Again…

  1. Hmmmm I think you should cut down on eating so much lol. Its not very good to get a fast car and weight it down you know :P

    that aside, I made a few exotic food the other day like curry puff, satay and durain ice cream and they are quite easy to make :) you should try doing them sometime as well ;)

  2. Yaaaaay, foood post! Wish I could eat stuff like you do XD We sure did miss all the food posts…Itadakimasu!

  3. killing me bro! killing me! that potato/carrot thing looks like kinpira gobo. is your sensei married? tell her you know a guy in toronto. i’ll move to portland for her!

  4. Yeahhh!!! oh that made me oh so hungry!! thank you Z!! food and gundam!! ah life is good!!!

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