Gunpla Inochi: To Be Continued…

Hello Everyone,

I deeply regret telling you all this but… my time here is up. I really wished I could’ve went out with a bang instead of quietly disappearing like this. I was hoping to finish the Kshatriya then move onto the MG FA Gundam and ending it with the MG Deathscythe. That’s not possible now. What a crappy and lame ending this is -_-;

Well, I can’t do anything about it now since I am far away from home. I won’t be closing this place down or anything though; this will just be a long “official” hiatus. I’ll try to bring this place back to life once again hopefully starting next summer if anyone still cares. I know I’ll still care for sure. Yea… sorry for disappointing all of you. I’ll totally understand if you want to leave some hate comments ^^;. I deserve a few at least.

Like I’ve mentioned in my return post, I am starting a new chapter of my life right now which I want to share with all of you when I get things set up and ready to go. It should be fun and interesting I hope. It will be different that’s for sure. It’s a whole new world after all. A whole new familiar world.

So yea… this is it for now. Thank you for all your support all these years. It was all in good fun while it lasted. It has been a pleasure.
– Z

71 thoughts on “Gunpla Inochi: To Be Continued…

  1. We’re always on standby; ready for your comeback. We understand that your life is not limited on this blog so go forth and enjoy. You’re always been an inspiration for us and we thank you for that.

  2. Been always one of those silent readers here. But just to say, back 2-3 years ago you were the one who sparked my interest for gunpla, not to mention photography, and also inspired me to be more creative and pretty much just to sum it up i look up to you even to this day. Just take this as my very small token of appreciation and i do sincerely wish you all the best for your future endeavors. Best of luck man, we all look forward to your return.

  3. Hey man, I think its great your starting a new part of your life, I deeply enjoy reading and watching you put together and pose the models. You will be missed during the hiatus but I will for sure be here when you get back to read and watch some more of your great work.

  4. I will be looking forward to your return.
    One of your lurkers I’ve been checking every month since September 2010
    Your reviews are detailed and very enjoyable to read.
    Have fun in Japan. ^^

  5. Hope your life is going okay man ! I remember coming here everyday, you probably were my favourite gunpla related blog. You’ll always be missed Z !

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