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*looks around the place… brushes off some dust* Well… this place has certainly aged well (not). I can’t believe that I’ve been gone for over four (4!!!!) years but it’s time to get back into the game – Gunpla reviews! Now I haven’t even touched a gunpla, let alone build one, during those missing years so there is definitely some rust I need to polish off. The same goes for photography. And many other things. Damn… there sure is a lot to catch up on. Hopefully I can find my groove again before long.

First off, this site will need some layout refresh. Looking at it now, it’s like “dayummm… this place looks so dated!” so I’ll be changing stuff around here and there to clean this place up a little. Do note that while this place will still be called “Gunpla Inochi”, I have sadly lost my domain and have reverted back to the freebie Oh well. It’s not the name but the contents here that define this place!

Now for the burning question that nobody is asking… “WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME, Z?!!” *ahem*… To put it shortly for now, I had a serious case of “life happened” and fell off the face of the Earth after hitting rock bottom. I know it’s not exactly a proper answer after being MIA for so long but I also don’t want to immediately drop a wall of text here on Day 1. I will dive deeper into this later through separate posts but for the moment, let’s put this subject aside for more important matters at hand… like Gundams.

I don’t know how long I can do this again but this Gunpla passion of mine is still burning red, and as you can see, at least my arsenal is prepared so… time for some Gunpla!

HAPPY 2017!